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Welcome to Kitchen Hotbox. A kitchen is a place where each of us has to go at least once a day because we have to cook if we want to eat. But the most painful and unbearable thing in the kitchen is the steamy smoke. To get rid of heat from these airborne greases, fumes, and combustion products we use range hoods. This is also called a kitchen hood, stove hood, exhaust hood, cooker hood, vent hood, ventilation hood, or electric chimney.

In this Kitchen Hotbox, I have presented to you a detailed review of my personal life experiences and research through writing. I hope that will help you in your next product purchase decision. Of course, you need to do your own research if you want to purchase your desired product. So, here I provide in-depth information to make your research easier. Also, you will get plenty of tips and tricks for cooking.

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