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What You Know About Under Cabinet Range Hood Vs Wall Mount

There is not much difference between the under cabinet and the wall mount range hood. These two types of range hoods are equally fine at emitting smoke, odors, and grease.

The under cabinet range hood is installed in the common kitchen cabinet and wall mounted range hood mainly install with the support of the wall. A detailed discussion about the under cabinet range hood vs wall mount range hood is shown below.

What is Under Cabinet Range Hood

Mainly 4 types of under cabinet range hoods available in the market. An under cabinet range hood is one of them, located at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet.

Under cabinet range hood sizes depend on the height and width of kitchen cabinets. Also, there needs to be enough space between the cabinet to install the ductwork if it is a ducted range hood.

How Do Under Cabinet Range Hoods Work – How Does Under Cabinet Range Hood Work

There are two types of under cabinet range hoods ducted and ductless under cabinet range hood. Ducted under cabinet range hood work using ductwork, which helps the hood to vent the kitchen inside air to outside. While the opposite task does the ductless under cabinet range hood.

Ductless range hoods are also referred to as recirculating range hoods. This type of range hood uses a charcoal filter, through which the smoke is sucked from the kitchen and circulated with the help of the filter then again returned to the kitchen.

A ducted range hood requires installation of ductwork but ductwork is not necessary for this ductless under cabinet range hood. Ductless range hoods are mainly used by those who do not have much space or opportunity to install ductwork.

How Do Under Cabinet Range Hoods Work

Since many models of under cabinet range hoods exist in the market, they also work differently based on their efficiency and features. Also, many ducted range hoods can be turned into ductless hoods by adding a charcoal filter separately. The charcoal filter has an active charcoal layer that helps to suck odors and harmful particles from the kitchen air and make the air free from harmful particles to return it.

It is helpful to say that compared to recirculating range hoods ducted or non-vented range hoods do a much better job for efficiency. If your kitchen outside has space to install ductwork then we highly recommend a non-vented range hood. If it is purely personal preference, and there is not enough space for ductwork venting, use a ductless range hood.

What Is A Wall Mount Range Hood – What Does Wall Mount Range Hood Mean?

Wall mount range hood, as its name suggests, is associated with the wall. A range hood that is securely vented to the wall is called a wall mount range hood. Wall mount range hood is the most widely popular style of the range hood. Typically, they offer powerful venting options that make them appropriate for cooks who use their stovetops a lot to fry, and sear food.

what is a wall mount range hood

Generally, wall mounted range hood releases smoke from the kitchen through wall venting management. These kitchen hoods are installed above the 28″-36″ cooktop to create an efficient captured area.

The wall mount range hood comes with an additional chimney piece that covers the ductwork and adds stability to the look at the same time. Usually, the wall mount range hood comes with a pyramid chimney style or tapered, triangular design with flat side shapes and styles.

Under Cabinet Range Hood VS Wall Mount – What is the difference between Wall Mount Range Hood VS Under Cabinet

If we judge the under cabinet vs wall mount range hood by their external look and performance then these two range hoods under cabinet vs wall mount are ahead in their specific style.


The under cabinet is made specially to fit inside a kitchen cabinet, so it can also be seamlessly sized to fit your range’s dimensions with the cabinet’s general dimensions. However, depending on the model, the appearance of the hood is a barrel, slope, and straight shape.

Under Cabinet VS Wall Mount Range Hood Shape

Wall-mounted vent hoods naturally look larger than under cabinet hoods. Since it hangs on wall support, the wall mount hood needs to be strong and sturdy. This type of vent hood serves your kitchen as a modern design element that will put a distinctive and elegant look. Pyramid chimneys, tapered and triangular are the various shapes of the types of wall mount range hood.


In terms of size, we have already said that between wall mount vs under cabinet range hood, wall mounted range hood is bigger. Large wall-mounted hoods are widely used as restaurants and outdoor vent hoods. Common people use medium size wall mount and under cabinet range hoods in homes.

Range Hood Width Size Guide
Range Hood Width Sizing Table

There are various brands of range hoods available in the market ranging from 24″ to 60″. Among them, 24″, 30″, and 36″ are commonly used in family kitchens.


Since the performance or power of the range hood depends on its CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) and the motor used, the more CFM it has, the more powerful it is. In terms of power, the wall mount range hood is more powerful than the under cabinet kitchen hood. Has a vent hood of 250-1200+ CFM.


The noise depends on the fan speed of the range hood machine. There are 3 to 4 fan speed settings depending on the range hood. Also, the noise level depends to a large extent on the quality of the range hood. While purchasing a hood, it is important to consider the quality of the hood.

Ventilation Type – Ducted / Ductless

In the race for ventilation, the under cabinet range hood will be ahead. Because both ducted or ductless under cabinet range hoods are available in the market. Also, by adding a charcoal filter to many under cabinet hoods, it can be converted from ducted to recirculating vent hoods, so many homeowners prefer under cabinet range hoods.

On the other hand, since the chimney-style vent hood is connected to the wall so the wall mounted range hood has more opportunities to install the venting system. This is why wall mounted range hoods are typically ducted.


The installation system of under cabinet range hood vs wall mount has complications in both types of machines. Electricity work means that there will be difficulties.

Since the under-cabinet range hood has to be installed between the kitchen cabinets, it is more troublesome than the wall mount.

On the other hand, the wall mount hood has to be connected to the wall support above the cooktop through the hood fastener. Ducted range hood installation in particular is a bit tricky. You can read our installation guide on how to install a wall mount range hood.


Price depends on what type, what feature has, what size, what brand of range hood you are buying, etc. There are very expensive range hoods as well as low-priced range hoods.

Between the under-cabinet vs wall mount, the price of the under cabinet range hood is lower than the wall mount. Which ranges from $200 to $2500.

Under Cabinet VS Wall Mount Range Hood – Which is the Best Choice

After the above discussion, if you still have a question about which range hood is best, then I will say that under cabinet and wall mount both are two types of range hood that are best from their own position. There is no way to say which is the best under cabinet or wall mounted range hood separately.

You can choose a range hood of any style according to your requirement, cooktop capacity, cooking quantity, budget, and preference. We don’t think this will cause any problems in the future.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

In the best under cabinet range hood segment, we will discuss about Hauslane PS18 under cabinet range hood from the famous brand Hauslane. This Hauslane UC-PS18 best under cabinet ducted range hood comes with an automatic shut-off feature, 860 CFM dual motors, high suction power, and six fan speeds. Also, it has a 3-way versatile vent-out system that will make installation easier depending on your demand.

Benefits of Hauslane PS18

  • Dual motors deliver 860 CFM to prevent grease, fumes, and odors from your kitchen efficiently.
  • Whereas other range hoods in this price range provide only 3 fan speeds in this circumstance Hauslane PS18 provides 6 fan speeds.
  • The delay auto-shutdown feature makes your cooking life easier and more comfortable.
  • PS18 under cabinet range hood comes with fits 6” round duct or 3-1 / 4” x by 10” rectangular duct versatile three-way venting system to make hauslane PS18 installation easy and convenient.

Best Wall Mount Range Hood

900 CFM range hood with high suction power, gesture sensing touch control panel, modern aesthetic outlook, auto delay shut-off function rich is the best wall mount range hood brands Iktch IKP02 range hood is our choice as the best wall mount range hood to meet your daily needs.

Benefits of Iktch IKP02

  • 900 CFM effective suction power wall mounted range hood with a limited level of noise.
  • Hand gesture sensing power to control.
  • Time delay auto shut off function for automatic.

Wrap Up

At the bottom line, we can say that adding a range hood in your kitchen is a great blessing for you and your home. Nothing matters which type of range hood you purchase, wall mount or under cabinet range hood, doesn’t matter. Both of them still get the job to keep the air clean and fresh to ensure your family’s healthy life.

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