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Best 42 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews 2024 – Should You Buy One?

36″ wide ranges require a 42″ range hood. 36″ range is usually a 6 burner range with enough space. A 36-inch range gives you extra space for spontaneous cooktop use and heavy-duty culinary action.

As heavy-duty cooking is performed on a 36-inch six burners range, a 42″ range hood is essential to provide effective coverage, removing harmful elements from the kitchen such as smoke, odors, grease, and grime.

Hence, if you are looking for a 42 inch under cabinet range hood and want to compare which is the best 42 inch under cabinet range hood then our guide will be helpful for you.

Compare The Three Best 42 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hoods – At a Glance

These three best 42-inch under cabinet range hood is the most popular demandable kitchen hood in the market. Take a look at the table to compare which is best suited to your kitchen from them. Here all 3 under cabinet range hoods are cheap and affordable for everyone.

Image Product Details   Price  
backpac 1. Broan BCSD142SS – Broan 42 Inch Range Hood CFM: 300
FAN SPEED: 2 Speed
DIMENSIONS: 19.63 x 42″ x 6″
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backpac 2. Iktch IKC01-42 – 42 Inch Modern Under Cabinet Range Hood CFM: 900
FAN SPEED: 4 Speed
DIMENSIONS: 41.75″ × 19.68″ × 5.9″
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backpac 3. EKON ‎NAC01 – 42 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood CFM: 900
FAN SPEED: 4 Speed
DIMENSIONS: 41.7″ x 19.68″ x 5.9″
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Most Affordable Best 42 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood – In Depth Review

1. Broan BCSD142SS – Broan Nutone 42 Inch Range Hood Review

This Broan 42 inch range hood is the cheapest range hood in our top 3 list here. It is a simple but classy one. It features stainless steel outlook and a fresh interior that can match any style kitchen cabinet.

This Broan 42 inch stainless steel range hood provides 300 CFM max suction power. Which is not very strong but able to meet the daily needs of the family. But as a large 42″ under cabinet hood, its suction power seems not enough to me.  Nothing fancy!

But if you compare it with the price, it’s okay because you won’t get a high CFM range hood for steak or grilling at this price. There is a 2-speed fan control to optimize the suction power which will ensure quiet operation at the low speed.

Also, this Nutone 42 inch range hood comes with 2 unit halogen light to illuminate your burner as well as reflect the condition of cooking food. A traditional adjustable rocker switch is provided to control fan speed and light. All switches and lights are placed in the hidden area of the hood so that the first impression is clean and fresh.

You can use this Broan 42 range hood either ducted or ductless. But if you want to vent in ductless way then you have to purchase a charcoal filter separately. But if you want to get a 42 inch ductless range hood without spending extra, then look at the range hood of our number 2, Iktch company, they provide the charcoal filter range hood for free.

You can also use this Nutone range hood 42 inch in the ducted way. This hood has rear/top venting facility. As a result, you can install venting according to your kitchen requirements. And installation of the Broan 42 inch stainless steel range hood is very easy under cabinet range hood installation can be completed in 30 minutes without any contractor.

Key Specifications

  • CFM: 300 Max
  • Fan Speed: 2 Speed
  • NOISE LEVEL: 33 – 35 dB
  • VOLTAGE: 120V
  • VENTING: Ducted / Ductless
  • DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): 19.63 x 42″ x 6″


  • A 42″ range hood at a very affordable price
  • A product of a reputable company
  • Installation is very easy with 4-way convertible facilities


  • The fan is a little bit louder
  • Halogen bulbs are not included, sold separately

2. Iktch IKC01-42 – Best 42 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

This Iktch IKC01 is the best under cabinet range hood in the current market. Not only the best! Best of the best. Because this range hood has all modern conveniences as well as aesthetic design. Which will not only increase the functionality of your kitchen but also bring an aesthetic look that makes you feel better. This 42 range hood stainless steel body integrates beautifully with your kitchen remodel to offer you a modern and restaurant-like kitchen. (Use ” KITBOX5 ” coupon on IKTCH to get 5% OFF)


You’re a foodie and you love to cook like a restaurant, so this Iktch 42 inch under cabinet range hood is a great choice. It has 900 CFM strong suction power with 4-speed fan settings to clean your kitchen air depending on the cooking needs.

Not only powerful but also provides quieter suction operation in the first three fan speeds. Also, so that the range hood can effectively and efficiently remove cooking smoke, grease, and odors from the kitchen, Iktch company has provided 3PCS stainless steel baffle filters, which can be cleaned through the dishwasher without any hassle.

Also, this Iktch under cabinet range hood comes with 2pcs Integrated LED light which can adjust the brightness depending on the light supply of your kitchen just simply hold the button and release it at the desired brightness. There are three types of control systems involved in the operation of the range hood: remote, touch button, and gesture sensor. Therefore, even if your hand is dirty, you can control the fan speed simply by waving your hand in front of the hood which will ensure your easy and pleasant kitchen life.

Iktch IKC01 is a 42-inch modern under cabinet range hood which features auto shut-off. As a result, if you are not in the kitchen, it will be engaged in removing the residual smoke at the end of cooking and will automatically shut off after 15 minutes even when you are enjoying your cooked food with your family. If you don’t have any budget issues then highly recommended! Learn in detail about it from our complete guide IKC01 Iktch Under Cabinet Range Hood.

Key Specifications

  • CFM: 900 Airflow
  • Fan Speed:4 Speed (385/490/715/900 CFM) Settings
  • MOTOR: Dual AC Motors
  • NOISE LEVEL: 65 dB
  • VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz
  • VENTING: Ducted
  • DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): 41.75″ × 19.68″ × 5.9″
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  • 900 CFM powerful and effective suction
  • Two-unit integrated adjustable LED light to illuminate as per the condition
  • Rectangle top and interchangeable rear venting options are available
  • Like the auto-shutoff feature at an affordable price
  • Excellent customer service from Iktch


  • Non-convertible to ductless
  • The sensors are too sensitive

3. EKON ‎NAC01 – 42 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

This Ekon 42 stainless steel under cabinet range hood is similar to the Iktch IKC01 range hood. It is fair to say that these two range hoods are completely similar.

This Ekon ‎NAC01 42 inch range hood under cabinet surprised us. All products have both good and bad sides. But when our product testing department tested it, we did not notice any significant bad side in this Ekon under cabinet range hood. It is currently on a three-month review trial. We have seen that those who use it have fewer complaints compared to other manufacturers.

This Ekon range hood comes with 900 CFM suction power which is capitalized with a dual motor. It provides 4 fan speed settings to operate the power. The first two fans are enough for daily cooking functions because it is utilizing their power efficiently. It must be said, it is the best quietest under cabinet range hood in this list which is able to give a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Its stainless steel finish delivers an elegant appearance that can make any kitchen beautiful. Easy-to-operate digital screen display ensures ease operation. From the control panel, you can adjust your hood light, and fan speed easily. Lighting includes 2 units of 3W LED light to illuminate the cooktop area.

The 42 inch range hood reviews Ekon NAC01 has an auto shut-off timer extension for taking away fumes and smoke after cooking with an automatic shutoff timer of 0 – 15 minutes. It makes your life in the kitchen easier.

Stainless steel Ekon range hood baffle filters are easily removable for washing. You can wash them without hassle just throw them into the dishwasher without taking extra pain.

Key Specifications

  • CFM: 300 Max
  • Fan Speed:4 Speed Settings
  • MOTOR: Dual Motors
  • NOISE LEVEL: 35 – 65 dB
  • VOLTAGE: 120V / 60Hz
  • VENTING: Ducted / Ductless
  • DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): ‎41.7″ x 19.68″ x 5.9″


  • Superpowered 900 CFM effective hood
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel material and dishwasher-safe baffle filters
  • Quite a balancing fan with 4-speed settings


  • Only top venting no rear venting
  • Little loud on the level 4 fan

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Things You Should – Justify Before Get 42 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Size of the Hood

Size is a big matter of concern, you search for a 42″ range hood. So first you have to confirm that your kitchen range is 36″ wide. If your range wide is larger than 36 inches then you have to choose a range hood that is 48″ or 54″.

Range Hood Width Size Guide
Range Hood Width Sizing Table

Because if the covered area of the range hood is not more than the range, the range hood fails to absorb the smoke generated from the range. Therefore, the size of the range hood should be relatively 6″ large compared to the ranges.

Space in your Cabinet

There should be sufficient space between the cabinets for installing a 42-inch under cabinet range hood. If your kitchen is new then you can remodel the cabinet even after purchasing the range hood. It will be difficult to add extra space when your kitchen is old because there is no opportunity to increase the amount of space. So before deciding on a 42 inch under cabinet range hood, you must measure your kitchen cabinet.

Airflow CFM Power

A 42″ under cabinet range hood means a large kitchen hood. Its function is to deal with more vapor, fumes, and cooking odor which requires more powerful capacity. Due to 36-inch ranges having 6 burners, when 6 burners are burning in this configuration, there is a substantial amount of smoke generated. The performance will be worst in the case of the range hood due to low airflow. So definitely determine the 42 under cabinet hood’s CFM according to your burner number and cooking requirement.

Ducted or Ductless

The most important issue for research is to identify which is for you! A ducted range hood is used to remove kitchen vapor, fumes, and odor with the help of ductwork. If you pick a 42 inch ducted range hood then you have to install a range hood duct outside to operate the hood. But in your residence, if there is no sufficient location to install the range hood vent then you should go for 42 inch ductless range hood.

Filter Uses on the Hood

3 types of filters are used with range hood respectively mesh filter, baffle filter, and charcoal/carbon filter. When it comes time to choose a large 42″ range hood, it’s crucial to choose the right type of range hood filter for your specific needs.

Types of range hood filters

If you don’t have enough space for ductwork in your kitchen then you should buy a range hood with a charcoal/carbon filter. Otherwise, if there is available space for duct installation then select a hood controlled by a mesh filter or baffle filter.

Material Build with

Range hoods are constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, copper, tempered glass, wood, aluminum, heat-resistant plastics, and more. In order to determine the quality of the range hood, the material needs to be identified. Not all materials are user-friendly. The majority of them become filthy very quickly, which necessitates frequent cleaning. Because of this, stainless steel material has become more popular today, and most good companies use stainless steel for their range hoods.

Our suggestion is a stainless steel 42 inch range hood, as it is highly durable and can withstand the intense heat and smoke of cooking.

Modern Feature

In this era, no one wants to use the range hood of the old period. Everyone wants their tough kitchen life to be a little easier and more comfortable. Therefore, a 42 inch modern under cabinet range hood must be selected before buying the hood. Which will include a modern and stylish outlook, LED lighting, touch screen digital panel, multiple fan speeds, waving sensor control, auto shut off, self-cleaning, etc.

Among our 3 kitchen hoods mentioned above, 42 inch modern under cabinet range hood is IKC01 Iktch under cabinet range hood 900 cfm.

Question Answer – That might Help You to Determine the Size of the Range Hood for Your Range

Should hood be bigger than stove?

Ans: The range hood should be wider than the stove by at least 6″. Because if you buy the same range hood as the stove, it will not be able to effectively remove cooking fumes and odors from the kitchen. The range hood should be 6″ wider for efficient and effective suction.

What size hood for a 36 inch range?

Ans: Range hoods with dimensions of 42″ are best suited to 36″ ranges. However, the minimum size is a 36-inch hood. If you want to get the best suction experience, find a 42″ range hood that is 6 inches wider than 36 inches.

Can I use 30 in hood over 36 on range?

Ans: You can use but the 30″ range hood could not cover the performance of a 36″ range in any way. Because if you want to protect a 36″ wider surface from the rain with a 30″ umbrella, the remaining 6″ surface will get wet from the rain. Similarly, a 30″ range hood will never absorb the smoke, or heat produced by a 36″ range. So we say, never use 36 inch range with 30 inch hood.

What size range hood do I need for a 48 range?

Ans: If we answer it by calculation using our previous formula then we can determine the size of the range hood needed for a 48 range. The range hood should be 6″ wider than the stove. So we find, 48 + 6 = 54 inch range hood for 48 inch range.

What size range hood for a 30 inch stove?

Ans: The performance of a kitchen hood depends on the difference between the size of a range hood and the size of its range. It is suggested to select a 36-42 inch range hood for a 30 inch stove for optimal kitchen performance.

Can you put 36 hood on 30 range?

Ans: Yes, you can put a 36 hood on 30 range. An ideal range hood size for a 30″ range should be 36 – 42 inches.

How big should a hood be for a 36 inch range?

Ans: A 42 inch hood for a 36 inch range. The hood should be wider or big 6 inches more than 36 inch range.

How high should a stainless steel hood be?

Ans: A stainless steel hood can be 6 – 12 inches larger than the range used with it as needed.  30″ range hood for the 24″ range, 36″ for the 30″ range, and 42″ range hood for the 36″ range.

Wrap Up

That wraps up our discussion best 42″ under cabinet range hood. Our team has presented their thoughts and opinions about 42 inch under cabinet range hood with 3 products. All our efforts are worthwhile when our users find a suitable range hood from us that fits their needs and budget. Hopefully, our readers will be able to find their most desired 42 inch range hood here.

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