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First of all, I’d like to say Welcome to Kitchen Hotbox and I’m glad you wanted to know about me and my website In the beginning, if you want to know about me, I will say that I’m not a noted person. I’m a normal person like you and everyone. I am a foodie man, love to eat as well as love to cook.

My name is Brian F. Kennedy, and like you, I’m addicted to cooking. But cooking is not an easy task. Anyone who actually cooks knows how hard it is. The most painful and unbearable thing in the kitchen is the steamy smoke. To get rid of heat from these airborne greases, fumes, and combustion products we use Range Hoods.

 Since then, I realized that I have come to writing about Electric Chimney or Range Hood. Through this writing, to help those who are interested in learning new information about range hood, exhaust hood or vent hood or buying a Range Hood. Which is one of the most useful and valuable appliances in our kitchen.

I started writing and as well as the journey of this website has begun. Where I have presented to you a detailed review of my personal life experiences and research through writing. I hope that will help you to make the right decision to buy Range Hood. Also, you will get plenty of tips and tricks for cooking.

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Kitchen Hotbox’s Mission

The main intent of founding Kitchen Hotbox is to provide informative information to audiences who want to buy the better range hood.  I also publish guidelines regarding Range Hood, maintenance directions, tips, and reviews about Range Hood. More than hundreds of people search for the best range hood every day and get confused about which one is actually best. 

Our goal is to make your Range Hood purchase decision easier by providing real reviews and important information. So that you can banish the heat of the kitchen and create a comfortable environment in the kitchen. After all, our mission and vision are “Heat The Beat of The Kitchen”.

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