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Top 5 Best Fotile Range Hood Reviews – Is Fotile Hood Good?

Fotile is an industry-leading company in kitchen appliances. Fotile serve functional, stylish, and family-oriented appliances for the last 20 years. FOTILE has a complete line of high-end appliances that include Fotile range hoods, cooktops, steam ovens, convection ovens, and in-sink dishwashers.

Likewise, they have a bunch of high-technology kitchen range hoods in their fleet. Which includes some of the most popular Fotile slant vents and pixie air series range hoods. And today we have prepared our guide with such Best 4 fotile range hood reviews.

Comparison List of 5 Best Fotile Range Hood Reviews At a Glance

These are the top 5 best-selling range hoods included in the fotile range hood review.

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
Fotile 7501 Review – Best Fotile Range Hood Under Cabinet / Wall Mounted 29.88″ × 18.25″ × 17.44″ Check Price On Amazon
Fotile JQG7505 Review Under Cabinet / Wall Mounted 18.3 x 29.9 x 17.4″ Check Price On Amazon
FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 Under Cabinet 29.8 x 22.1 x 8.3″ Check Price On Amazon
Fotile JQG7522 Review Under Cabinet 29.88 x 18.25 x 17.44″ Check Price On Amazon
FOTILE EMS9018 Review Wall Mount 35.4 x 20.9 x 27″ Check Price On Amazon

Fotile Range Hood Reviews – Is Fotile Hood Good?

1. Fotile JPG7501 Review – Best Fotile Range Hood

The Fotile JQG7505 range hood comes with a dual motor system that ensures strong ventilation power to compete with grease and fumes. It has a slide-draft design that provides an automatic open baffle plate at a 90-degree angle to assure proper suction as well as a large 6sf coverage area. This large coverage area can easily cover 4/5 burners on the cooktop. It also has an auto-delay function and a screen lock function. This enables you to clean the screen easily without having to manually unlock it.

Features of Fotile JQG7501

  • Strong Ventilation System

It has a dual centrifugal fan system with 530 (EQUIV. 850) CFM power. Which will remove unhealthy smoke, fumes, and grease from kitchen air. Even though it is not a top-of-the-line CFM range hood at this price, it provides adequate performance for daily use. The dual centrifugal fans provide fast suction for absorbing cooking elements. Besides being powerful, it is also quiet. It will produce ‎39dB – 54dB sound. To control fotile JPG7501 30 range hood power and noise there is a 3-speed fan control.

  • Unique Side-draft Structure

90° automatic open baffle plate easily covers a 6sf area due to the side-draft design of fotile jqg7501. Due to this, toxic fumes from the burners do not have the chance to spread, so they enter straight into the air intake. It will open automatically when the range hood will turn on. Also, its exterior looks very stylish with piano-black color. Even its slide-draft structure allows you to vent the range hood in both the Under Cabinet and Wall Mount ways. Your kitchen will look impressive and aesthetic with this unique elegant design.

  • Time Delay & Screen Lock Function

The auto screen lock function will automatically lock the range hood so that you can clean it without any hassle. On the other hand, the auto shut-off delay system makes your life more convenience. Because this time delay shut off the remaining unabsorbed smoke that remains in the kitchen after the cooking will be completely absorbed without your presence.

  • Touch Control Panel & Powerful LED

The Fotile JPG7501 kitchen hood has an aesthetic touch control panel that is as stylish as it is modern looking. This fotile JPG7501 range hood converts your traditional kitchen to a trendy kitchen. Additionally, a stylish LED light will provide a brightness of up to 500 lux to monitor the status of your cooking.

There are also dishwasher-safe baffle filters, folding oil filters, and oversized oil cups available. Those with larger accommodating spaces will hold more oil and grease to prevent from grease dripping.

Key Specifications

SIZE: 30″

CFM: 530 (EQUIV. 850)

MOTOR: Dual AC Motors

NOISE LEVEL: 39 – 54 dB

VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz

MOUNTING: Under Cabinet / Wall Mounted

DIMENSIONS: (WxDxH): 29.88″ × 18.25″ × 17.44″


  • 530 CFM power dual fan powerful ventilation.
  • Many more modern functions and features.
  • Good looking unique side-draft structural design.
  • 90° Automatic fume baffle plate for proper directing of flow.
  • Soothe maintenance.


  • Hard to install and maybe needs to hire a pro.
  • Very expensive.

2. Fotile JQG7505 Review – Fotile Slant Vent Review

The Fotile JQG7505 is the first side draft range hood in this industry.  This fotile 7505 range hood combines aesthetics with modernity.  It uses a powerful DC motor of 1000 CFM with a motion sensor function and automatic control of 4 speeds according to the cooking smoke time. Alike, there is an oil filter with a large grease tray as well as an auto time delay function.

Features of Fotile JQG7505

  • 1000 CFM DC Motor

The Fotile JQG7505 range hood is built with a 1000 CFM Dc motor.  This motor has excellent cooking fume processing capability with a 95% oil filtration rate & 97% odor reduction rate. With its highly efficient fast suction, it can remove all of the odor, and smoke from above the front high-powered burner of your range. This fotile range hood features an automatic speed function to operate its power. Which will automatically speed up-down according to the demand of your burner. When you used level 2 and level 3, the noise level was acceptable. Similarly, except the 4-speed mode, it has a Stir Fry mode to get rid of cooking fumes immediately.

  • Motion Control System

The infrared connectivity of Fotile 7505 allows you to complete daily tasks simply by waving your hand. By using motion sensor technology, you can turn ON/OFF the range hood, open the baffle plate and turn on LED without smudging the surface. To operate the unit, simply wave your hand 4″ in front of the screen. Just wave right to start and left to end of work.

  • Time delay function

A number of modern features abound on this Fotile slant vent range hood JPG7505. As fotile jqg7501 fotile 7505 also has an auto delay shut-off system. As a result, the range hood will continue its operation for 2 minutes even in your absence. Even when you enjoy dining with your family, it will continue its functions until the whole air is refreshed from vapor.

  • Easy Maintainance

Fotile range hood 7505 comes with dishwasher-safe foldable filters and an oil tray. So that all the grease from cooking will drip into this large grease tray. They are quite efficient in performing their assigned functions. Again, You can start the screen lock feature by pressing the screen lock, hold power, and lock buttons. In addition to motion control, there is a highly sensitive touchscreen control panel.

Key Specifications

SIZE: 30″

CFM: 620 (EQUIV. 1000)

MOTOR: Dual DC Motors

NOISE LEVEL: 38 – 56.5 dB

VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz

MOUNTING: Under Cabinet / Wall Mounted

DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): ‎18.3 x 29.9 x 17.4″


  • Super 1000 CFM suction power with 4-speed settings.
  • Some fancy functions like motion sensor, and delay shut off.
  • Automatic speed settings with 38-56.5 dB quiet function.


  • Too much Pricey. Very expensive.
  • Not quite it is pretty noisy.

3. FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002 – Fotile Under Cabinet Range Hood

The fotile UQG3002 range hood comes with an efficient suction power of 850 CFM. Among Fotile’s range hoods, which is quietest. This UQG3002 is a fotile pixie air series range hood with trendy features. It has AMS (Air Management System) smart feature due to the use of advanced technology. This futile range hood can detect harmful organic gas or noxious fumes automatically.

Features of Fotile UQG3002

  • 850 CFM Efficient Suction

This fotile UQG3002 under cabinet vent hood has 850 CFM of high suction power, which is designed to remove all toxic air from the house efficiently and effectively. When you complete the installation then see, it works like a charm. Its build quality is excellent for quiet operation with dual AC motors and perhaps better than a much larger range hood.

  • Super Quiet Performance

Fotile UQG3002 is the quietest range hood ever. It will produce only ‎39dB of noise which is a very low level with dynamic technology.  There is no noticeable noise when it is running. This feature is kind of important for those who don’t like too much noise. Obviously, no one wants to bear loud noise. Which is immediately noticeable compared to cheaper models.

  • Motion Sensor Control

This Fotile 3002 under cabinet range hood has a modern wave on/off feature. With its practical use, you can bring control of the range hood with your hand gesture without any touch. Since hands are dirty from various ingredients during cooking, this Motion Sensor prevents you from touching the range hood with dirty hands. Along with the motion sensor, there is a touchscreen panel. A fotile under cabinet range hood also contains features like an Air Management System and Delay Auto Shut Off.

  • Easier to Clean

This fotile under cabinet range hood is made with food-grade stainless steel so that it resists building grease, stains, or rust in this body. So, every time after cooking cleaned it with a paper towel and some grease cleaner after cooking. As well as the detachable capture shield of fotile 3002 also can be easily removed and cleaned thoroughly in the dishwasher though it is safe.

Key Specifications

SIZE: 30″

CFM: 850

MOTOR: Dual AC Motors


VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz

MOUNTING: Under Cabinet

DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): ‎29.8 x 22.1 x 8.3″


  • Easy to install as DIY by using included mounting template & manual.
  • Powerful suction and a very quietest one.
  • Cool motion control on/off technology.
  • Hassle free cleaning of capture-shield plates.


  • High pricey compared to size.
  • Only 2-unit LED instead of 4.

4. Fotile JQG7522 Review – Fotile Range Hood 30 Inch

Now we will discuss Fotile JQG7522 among fotile range hood reviews. It is fotile 30 range hood of 850 CFM by a dual ac motor. A functional and powerful fotile vent hood with a maximum noise level of 54dB with 3-speed fan settings. It is an attractive fotile under cabinet range hood of a dual-centrifuge fan system with always open fume baffle plate and LED light. Which is cheaper than all the other range hoods discussed here.

Features of Fotile JQG7522

  • 850 CFM Powerful Unit

This Fotile 7522 range hood is an 850 CFM dual AC motor-trained machine. It efficiently removes all cooking elements from kitchen air with the help of its 3-speed fan control. Power and noise are balanced perfectly with three-speed settings. The machine generates 54 dB noise only at the maximum speed, i.e., level 3, but you can tolerate it at levels 1,2. As long as the stove is on, you cannot smell anything even if you stand in front of it.

  • Always Open Baffle Plate & Mechanical Button

The baffle plate on Fotile 7522 range hood is always open. And here mechanical push-button control panel is used instead of a touch screen interface. In today’s modern age it has acted like a recession in such an expensive product. Otherwise, this fotile range hood 30 inch covers the 6 square ft area at a 90°. So that no harmful smoke from cooking can escape from the fotile 7522 absorptions.

  • LED lighting & Over-sized Oil Cup

This fotile vent hood has powerful bright LED light to know your cooking condition. Which will illuminate your cooktop area with natural color. Up to 500 lux perfectly cover whole 6 sf cooktop burners to make you sure of the true color of food. Again, there is a disassembly foldable oil filter along with an oversize oil cup to ensure easy cleaning both are dishwasher safe.

Key Specifications

SIZE: 30″

CFM: 850

MOTOR: Dual AC Motors


VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz

MOUNTING: Under Cabinet

DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): ‎29.88 x 18.25 x 17.44″


  • 850 CFM efficient dual motor with 3-speed fan
  • Easy to clean oil filter and large oil cup.
  • Premium product at the lowest price.


  • A little bit noisy. Many existing users complain about that.
  • The baffle plate always standing by open which is annoying.

5. FOTILE EMS9018 Review – Fotile Wall mount Range Hood

This time the late range hood of our fotile range hood reviews is the fotile EMS9018 review. A powerful fotile 36 range hoods with a maximum air volume of 1200 CFM. It has been designed in such a way as to serve the most demanding features such as auto turbo, and auto delay function system, making it the perfect masterpiece of modern technology. There are also many noise reduction technologies like the Bionic wing impeller, and patent “Nautilus” air passageway. It is the most fotile quietest range hood with a powerful mode for maximum extraction capacity.

Features of Fotile EMS9018

  • High CFM with Surround Suction Plate

Fotile ems9018 has a powerful suction capacity with an efficient patented plate, which has 1000 CFM above. Through its smart wing-like suction plate, it is able to pull cooking airborne grease and smoke away from the kitchen inside. Any type of smoke like deep-frying is eliminated from the cooking area and makes the area lively.

  • Ultra-Quite Function

This fotile 36 inch range hood has a most silent feature which is produced under 50dB. Many noise reduction technologies have been applied to it such as a bionic wing impeller, micropore for noise reduction, patent silent volute, patent ‘Nautilus’ air passageway, patent ‘R’ turbine system, and highly adaptive motor for ultra-quite operations.

  • Delay Function & Auto Turbo System

By detecting resistance during the exhaust process, the auto turbo system automatically switches the range hood to its most powerful mode for maximum extraction. Due to this, you will not need to give any kind of instructions by yourself to ensure ease of operation. Even after you have finished cooking, there is an auto-delay function that ensures that there are no single molecules of grease or smoke remaining.

Key Specifications

SIZE: 36″

CFM: 1200 max

MOTOR: Dual AC Motors


VOLTAGE: 120V / 60 Hz

MOUNTING: Wall Mount

DIMENSIONS (WxDxH): ‎35.4 x 20.9 x 27″


  • Much quieter because of many noise-reduction technologies
  • Modern features like an Auto turbo system, Delay shut-off.
  • Super easy cleaning facilities.


  • A little bit pricey compared with suction.
  • Hard to install.

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Is Fotile Range Hood Any Good? – Benefits & Drawbacks of Fotile Hoods

Fotile is the number industry-leading company in kitchen appliances. Although it is a Chinese company, its consumer market is spread across 30 countries in North America, Asia, and Australia. Fotile company has a bunch of appliances including range hoods, cooktops, steam ovens, convection ovens, and in-sink dishwashers.

Fotile range hoods are very powerful and have excellent performance in the suction work.  Fotile designs a range hood that actually exhausts the harmful air out of the home. Also, the fotile range hood company serve nice customer service. The fotile kitchen hood is the best hood where you can cook anything you wish.

Benefits of Fotile Exhaust Hood

Power: The power on the Fotile range hood is excellent. For most cooking, you can stay on the first 2 out of 3 fan settings. For high-smoke activities such as seasoning a wok or searing steak, the 3rd setting is more than enough to suck up all the fumes. The fan speeds are all pretty quiet. Most of the range hood from fotile produce within 56 dB in the highest setting. The best fotile quietest range hood is FOTILE Pixie Air UQG3002.

Special Features: Fotile is able to serve its customers the best feature range hood. Their fleet also includes range hoods rich in modern features like motion sensors, and auto time delay. Which will make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. The Motion Sensor control system gives you hand gesture control of the range hood. On the other hand, the auto time delay feature keeps the machine running even in your absence until the entire kitchen is smoke-free.

Unique Appearance: Fotile has a unique slide draft design; when the hood is turned on it opens a 90° automatic baffle plate. As a result, toxic fumes do not get a chance to spread as it easily covers a 6sf area. Also, its exterior looks very stylish & elegant. Even as a result of the slide-draft structure, you will get the opportunity to vent the vent hood in both Under Cabinet and Wall Mount ways.

Drawbacks of Fotile Kitchen Hood

Only 2 Units of Light: Although this is not such a major problem. However, other companies that compete with fotile range hoods are providing 4-unit LED, halogen light facilities with their range hood for better performance. But the fotile company provide only 2-unit light with their most of the range hood. They even feature LED lights on the hood of all their ranges; no halogen lights are used.

Absence of Clock: Cooking definitely requires time or a clock. Because time is necessary for making all kinds of dishes. But the Fotile range hood does not have any kind of clock mechanism.

Where is Fotile made – where is fotile range hood made?

Fotile range hoods produce in China. Fotile is the first nation’s artificial intelligence-powered range hood for china. Although Fotile is a Chinese company they have expanded its business all over the world. Fotile has access to more than 30 countries distributed in North America, Asia, and Australia. FOTILE company has one of the largest R&D centers and research institutes in Germany, China, and Japan.

The company is continually innovating, designing, and creating extraordinary products in order to maintain its reputation as the leading kitchen authority that puts families first.

How To Clean Fotile Range Hood

Other than that, the fotile range hood has to be cleaned in the same way as the cleaning process of the range hood of other companies. There is no unique method to be used for that. We have step by step cleaning guide on how to clean a fotile range hood for almost every model and design of fotile range hood.

Fotile Hood Installation Guide – How To Install Fotile Range Hood

In general, the five steps to install a range hood include:

  1. Opening the flue hole
  2. Pre-embedding the smoke pipe
  3. Installing the suspended ceiling with the right materials
  4. Positioning and installing the cabinet system
  5. And installing the range hood

To know more in detail, you can check fotile range hood manual.

FAQs Regarding Fotile Range Hood

is Fotile a Chinese company?

Yes, Fotile is a Chinese company. Which is the industry’s #1 high-end kitchen appliance like range hoods, hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, and steam ovens producer brand in China.

Where is fotile range hood made?

Fotile range hoods made in china. But they are available in more than 30 countries in North America, Asia, and Australia.

Does Fotile make a ductless range hood?

No, they don’t make any built ductless range hoods. But they provide highly efficient ducted range hoods.

Does the Fotile range hood provide any warranty?

Yes, Fotile provides from the date of purchase, Fotile offers a five-year limited warranty on its range hood and a lifetime warranty on its motors.


That wraps up our article Fotile range hood reviews. Here our professional team discusses with 4 best fotile range hoods and reviews them according to their features and facilities. Our team has shown what kind of benefits consumers can enjoy by using this fotile range hood. Hopefully, this article will satisfy our readers’ desire to know about fotile range hood.

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