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Hauslane PS10 VS PS18 – Which One Can Ease Your Pain?

Have you struggled to choose between the Hauslane PS10 vs PS18? Do you want to compare these two range hoods in one frame? So, sit down with a cup of coffee and take a look at our comparison between the Hauslane PS10 vs PS18 range hood, then make the decision which one will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle?

Major Differences Between Hauslane PS10 vs PS18

FeaturesHauslane PS10Hauslane PS18
CFMHere you will find strong suction power of 900 CFM.The airflow is at max 860 CFM.
SizeIt is only accessible to those who need 30 inches.This PS18 is available in 30-inch and 36-inch sizes.
Fan SpeedOnly 3 fan speed settings are available for control.6-speed fan settings are here for highly customized.
PriceIt is budget-friendly.It is a bit expensive according to PS10, but it’s worth the money.
LampsNon-customizable 2W White 5000 Kelvin LED lights.3W LED (GU10) Light Bulb available with 2700 Kelvin that is customizable.
Light SettingsHigh and low Two intensity light settings are available.Only 1 level of light intensity settings.
Rear ventingNo option for rear venting, only for the top.3-1/4″ x 10″ rear venting available as well as 6″ and 3-1/4″ x 10″ top venting.

Hauslane PS10 Review

Hauslane PS10 Range Hood

The heat and smoke generated from the favorite dishes made by the home chefs, this hauslane range hood ps10 will be sucked by its 900 CFM suction power and knocked out from outside the kitchen with effective baffle filters, just like a bowler does to a batsman in cricket. This dual motor hauslane PS10 can restore peace to your kitchen with its powerful suction. It uses easy-to-clean baffle filters to ensure pro performance.

There are numerous range hoods on the market. Most of them remove kitchen smoke and odors very slowly. But this hauslane PS10 helps concentrate on cooking by eliminating smoke and odors in the fastest way by its superior CFM. Hauslane chef series 30 PS10 has a slim profile that allows it to fit into any compact area.

What Makes Hauslane PS10 Standout?

  • Hauslane PS10 CFM 900 Strong Suction Power

The responsibility of a range hood is to create a healthier kitchen atmosphere by eliminating the toxic elements in the kitchen and ensuring good health in the family. So this Hauslane PS10 chef series model comes with 900 CFM and is designed for heavy-duty cooking, whereas another hauslane PS18 is made with 860 CFM.

The chef series PS10 has a powerful suction of 900 CFM that allows it to properly perform the tasks associated with a busy kitchen, including boiling, steaming, poaching, braising, frying, and searing. So that cooking will be enjoyable, and the kitchen will be peaceful.

  • 3 Fan Speed Settings

This hauslane chef series 30″ PS10 range hood has three-speed settings. The motor and control system of the range hood can be operated at three different speeds using three different moods. This allows the hood to capture grease, odors, and fumes effectively.

On the other hand, the hauslane range hood ps18 was used with six fan speed settings. In this regard, the PS18 under cabinet range hood will have the edge at this point. When looking for transmission systems 1-6, you can quickly go for hauslane ps18. This machine produces varying levels of noise depending on the fan speed. Therefore, fan speed is an important consideration.

  • Easy to Clean Baffle Filters

Today, time is crucial. As a result, Hauslane has designed its range hoods to make them easy to maintain. That’s why their range hood has easy-clean baffle filters. This allows users to maintain it easily. By doing so, you can open the filters with just one touch and then send them to the dishwasher, where they will start cleaning automatically. Inside the PS10, you will also find oil trays that constantly collect grease to protect your kitchen against leaks.

  • Delay Auto Shut-Off

The range hood will keep working in your absence until it can completely remove smoke from your kitchen. Your presence there is not mandatory. Due to the delay auto shut-off feature, the hauslane PS10 will continue its suction activity even after the cooking process is over.

The time delay auto shut-off feature will continue to operate while you are already enjoying your dinner with your family. Then the hauslane chef series 30 PS10 will shut down automatically after ensuring that smoke and odors are completely removed from your kitchen.

  • 2W LED Lamps

Hauslane chef series PS10 under cabinet range hood comes with two intensity (low and high) settings able two bright LED lights. They will illuminate your cooktop to ensure the cooking conditions and create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. These 2W LED bulbs may be energy-efficient, but you cannot customize them to meet your requirements. As an alternative, the Hauslane chef series 30″ PS18 range hood offers customizable features.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Size: 30 Inch | Vent Type: Ducted | Ductless: No | Cleaning Function: N/A | Noise Level: 1.5 to 7 Sones | Light Color Temp: White / 5000 Kelvin | Light Bulb: 2W | Integrated LED | Light Intensity: 2 Levels | Control: Touch Panel | Speed Selections: 3 Fan Speed | Equivalent | Airflow: 900 (CFM) | Laboratory Airflow: 500 (CFM) | Available Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Top Venting: 6″ | Rear | Venting: N/A | Convertible: N/A | Motor: Dual | Wattage: 224W | Voltage: 120V | Connection: Plug-in | Amperage: 1.87 Amp | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 22″ x 8-3/4″

Benefits of Hauslane PS10

  1. Clean, sharp, industrial styling stainless steel body to make kitchen interiors more professional and more elegant.
  2. 900 CFM Strong suction power available with dual motors to assure a pro-level of performance.
  3. You can choose from 3 speeds to customize it according to your preferences.
  4. Effective dishwasher-safe baffle filters to ensure efficient performance and hassle-free simple maintenance kitchen life for home chefs.
  5. Cost-minimizing bright LED light bulbs with two types of intensity settings to illuminate the cooktop surface. As a result, light can be used in two high low intensities as per the need of the task.
  6. Delay auto-shutoff system to remove smoke and odors from the kitchen air until it is fresh

Drawbacks of Hauslane PS10

  1. Only 3 fan speed settings are available whereas 6-speed settings are used in other range hoods.
  2. Non-customizable 2W LED lights that cannot be changed to your liking.
  3. It’s the only ducted option available, and it can’t be made convertible even if you need it.
  4. There is a dearth of modern features like the Auto Cleaning function.

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Hauslane PS18 Reviews

Hauslane PS18 Range Hood

This Hauslane PS18 range hood will be an ideal choice for a chef. Designed to accommodate all types of heavy cooking. This Hauslane UC-PS18 range hood comes with an automatic shut-off feature that makes life in the kitchen easier. The Hauslane PS18 has 860 CFM dual motors, high suction power, and six fan speeds. The six moods of the fan make it easy and convenient to change the volume of the generated sound as well as the range hood’s control system.

Your kitchen interior will look stunning with the eye-catching stainless-steel design and customizable lighting system of this hauslane PS18. As a result, the hauslane PS18 is currently the most demanding hauslane range hood on the market. Hauslane PS18 has a 3 ways versatile vent-out system that will match various duct sizes to make installation easier.

What Makes Hauslane PS18 Standout?

  • Hauslane PS18 CFM 860 Efficient Suction

The Hauslane chef range hood PS18 can remove toxic fumes from heavy-duty cooking, such as steaming, poaching, braising, and frying. It has a suction capacity of 860 CFM to ensure efficient suction. As a result, it quickly eliminates smoke and odors from the kitchen and brings a sense of calm. It makes the kitchen weather comfortable and pleasant due to the powerful suction.

In terms of CFM power, the hauslane chef series PS10 and PS18 do not differ significantly from one another. PS10 uses 900 CFM power, while PS18 uses 860 CFM power.

  • 6 Fan Speed Settings

While the Hauslane Chef series UC-PS10 range hood was only available in three fan speed modes, the Hauslane Chef series UC-PS18 has six variable fan speed control methods. That is the significant difference in fan speed between Hauslane PS10 vs PS18.

There are different fan speeds on this chef range hood PS18 so that it can operate at different rates for quiet operation. Our previous experiment showed that the Hauslane PS18 range hood produces quite a bit of noise at a fan speed of 1-4 while making a fairly quiet operation. When used in 5, 6-speed settings, its noise level will gradually increase. This fan speed will produce a maximum of 63.8 dB of noise from the hauslane PS18. Similarly, the medium fan speed setting will yield a noise level of 62.3dB. But at the lowest fan speed, the sound volume will be only 61.2 dB.

  • Dishwasher-Safe Baffle Filters

We live in a world where everyone is busy with valuable tasks. The time that will be taken from this busy life to clean the house’s furniture does not become the time for all of us. Additionally, cleaning the filters is a big issue. As a result, the hauslane chef range hood ps18 comes with dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters that are easy to clean. Therefore, you won’t worry about unpleasant tasks like cleaning filters. By simply removing them with the pops, you can throw them into the dishwasher and get to work on your essential task. The filters will be clean and ready for use again.

  • Versatile Venting For Hauslane PS18 Installation

In the hauslane range hood ps18, you will find various options for ductwork installation. There is no need to do structural work on the kitchen wall as with the machine’s previous. You can simplify the installation of the hauslane ps18 with the three-way exhaust option, saving both time and money.

There are three venting options on the machine, two on the top and one on the back. Above are 6″ adapters for round ductwork and 3-1 / 4″ x 10″ adapters for rectangular ductwork. On the back is the 3-1 / 4″ x 10″ adapter for the rectangular ductwork option. You will not find this sophisticated option on the hauslane chef series 30 PS10. In this regard, the PS18 will also win out.

  • Delay Auto Shut Off

This hauslane chef series UC-PS18 also has a time delay auto shut-off features like hauslane PS10, making your kitchen life easy and spontaneous. Time delay shut-off will make your daily life easier by removing toxic grease, odors, fumes from your kitchen. Which will make a significant contribution to saving the precious time of your busy life.

  • Customizable GU10 LED Lights

Hauslane chef series 30 ps18 under cabinet range hood has bright GU10 LED light bulbs. Your cooktop burners will always be engaged in the task of doubling your appetite by illuminating the juice from the steak that is being cooked.

The type of lights that come with a typical range hood does not have the opportunity to be modified. However, with this Hauslane chef series 30″ PS18 LED Light, you can customize the GU10 LED light to suit the interior of your kitchen. Which will make a significant contribution to saving the precious time of your busy life. You can easily find these GU10 lights at your local hardware store. The hauslane chef series 30 ps10 under cabinet range hood is also unavailable with this lighting change option. Hauslane PS18 is ahead in this regard.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Size: 30″ 36″ | Vent Type: Ducted | Ductless: No | Cleaning Function: N/A | Noise Level: 1.5 to 7 Sones | Light Color Temp: Warm / 2700 Kelvin | Light Bulb: 3W LED (GU10 Base) | Light Intensity: 1 Level | Control: Touch Panel | Speed Selections: 6 Fan Speed | Equivalent Airflow: 860 (CFM) | Laboratory Airflow: 500 (CFM) | Available Material: ‎Stainless Steel | Top Venting 6″ or 3-1/4″ x 10″ | Rear Venting 3-1/4″ x 10″ | Convertible: N/A | Motor: Dual | Wattage: 266W | Voltage: 120V | Connection: Plug-in | Amperage: 2.2 Amp | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ | 35-3/4″ x 22″ x 8-1/8″

Benefits of Hauslane PS18

  1. Dual motors deliver 860 CFM of suction power to effectively eliminate grease, fumes, and odors in the kitchen. Which will ensure the health of your family by helping to remove toxic and harmful substances from your kitchen.
  2. The hauslane range hood PS18 has 6-speed fan settings to manage suction and noise levels performance. Whereas other range hoods only have 3-speed settings.
  3. The hauslane chef range hood PS18 has dishwasher-safe baffle filters to reduce hassle. Which will ease your pain and save you valuable time.
  4. The hauslane chef series 30 PS18 under cabinet range hood comes with fits 6” round duct or 3-1 / 4” x by 10” rectangular duct versatile three-way venting system to make hauslane PS18 installation easy and convenient. As a result, you can use 3 options to complete the vent-out activities according to the current condition of your kitchen.
  5. The Delay auto shut off feature will allow the range hood to shut down automatically after a certain period even after your absence.
  6. Everyone will be able to change the color of the range hood lights to suit their own kitchen interior.

Drawbacks of Hauslane PS18

  1. The ducted option happens to be outward venting, so there is no chance of being ductless. You can’t convert the system to ductless even with a charcoal filter.
  2. Only 1 level of light intensity is available on the hauslane chef series PS18 under cabinet range hood. Due to this, it cannot be used in low or high intensity according to the work requirements.
  3. Like the hauslane PS10 review, this range hood also lacks a sophisticated feature like the Auto Clean function.
  4. Even though its equivalent airflow is claimed as 860 CFM, many users have complained about its suction power as it is less powerful than specified.

Factors To Consider Between Both Worlds Hauslane PS10 VS PS18 – Which One Is More Exciting?

Airflow Strong CFM: Both PS10 vs PS18 range hoods will be in the same row considering the CFM. Because both are made by 650+ CFM for heavy-duty cooking grease, odors, fumes, and smoke vanish. The PS10 has 900 CFM dual motor power. In contrast, the hauslane PS18 creates airflow with 860 CFM dual-motor suction.

Fan Speed Settings: Hauslane PS18 reviews will be ahead since it has six different fan speeds to choose from. However, the hauslane range hood PS10 only has three settings for controlling suction and noise level performance.

Simple Installation: In order to make range hood installation easy and convenient. Hauslane range hood PS18 has a 3-way versatile venting system, but there is a lack of user-friendly features in the Hauslane chef series PS10. Thus, you don’t get rear venting 3-1 / 4″ x 10″ option on PS10 like hauslane PS18.

Easy Maintenance: One should consider using and maintaining a product before purchasing it. From the point of view of easy maintenance, there are dishwasher-friendly easy-to-clean baffle filters in both hauslane PS10 vs PS18. Both models have a touch-screen modern control panel. This allows the range hoods to be operated easily. Although a Hauslane PS10 and PS18 range use energy-saving LED lights, you can customize the PS18 (GU10 Base) lights to your own taste, but the PS10 lights cannot be customized.

User-friendly Modern Features: The Hauslane PS10 vs PS18 both have a time delay shut-off feature, but none of them have such a sophisticated modern feature as steam auto clean. Which is equal in both respects.

The above discussion clearly shows that hauslane PS18 is far superior to both hauslane PS18 reviews and hauslane PS10 reviews. The 860 CFM efficient suction, 6 fan-speed settings, versatile venting, customizable GU10 LED light for those features, the hauslane PS18 occupying a special place in our consideration.

Wrap Up

We hope you have understood the major differences, advantages, and disadvantages of both hauslane PS10 and PS18. Range hood selection involves weighing a number of factors. The best range hood to buy between Hauslane PS10 vs PS18 will be determined by your preference, cooking needs, kitchen size, number of burners, and what kind of features are you looking for? Based on all of the features and facilities, Hauslane PS18 seems to be the best option between PS10 vs PS18.

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