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The Latest Hauslane Range Hood Reviews (Top 7 Picks) In 2024

Hauslane is one of the leading range hood manufacturers. Throughout the last 7 years, hauslane has produced essential kitchen appliances to meet the needs of consumers.

Hauslane company is primarily known for range hoods but also works with bathroom exhaust fans, modern home ceiling fans, and kitchen cooking accessories. Their range hood is widely recognized for its sleek, modern design, built quality, and robust, durable engineering. So, today we will present a complete package of hauslane range hood reviews with detailed information about each product.

List of 7 Best Hauslane Range Hood Reviews

Product Image Product Details   Price
backpac Hauslane Chef Series 30″ PS18 CFM: 860
Mounting Type: Under Cabinet
Ventilation: Ducted
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backpac Hauslane PS38 Pro CFM: 960
Mounting Type: Under Cabinet
Ventilation: Ducted
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backpac Hauslane R100 30″ Built-In/Recessed Range Hood CFM: 600
Mounting Type: Built-In / Recessed
Ventilation: Ducted
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backpac Hauslane Chef Series 30″ PS10 CFM: 900
Mounting Type: Under Cabinet
Ventilation: Ducted
Check Price On Amazon
backpac Hauslane Chef Series 30″ C400 CFM: 750
Mounting Type: Under Cabinet
Ventilation: Ducted
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backpac Hauslane WM-590 Wall Mount CFM: 860
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Ventilation: Ducted
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backpac Hauslane 30″ WM 639 Wall Mount CFM: 750
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Ventilation: Ducted
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Hauslane Range Hood Reviews and Advantages

Hauslane Chef Series 30" PS18

Are you seeking a modern under cabinet range hood that has a delay shut-off feature to make your cooking experience more relaxing? Yes, this PS18 hauslane under cabinet range hood has auto-shutoff features with powerful suction and six fan speed settings that make your life easy & enjoyable. Hauslane chef series 30″ PS18 is the most popular and best-rated Hauslane range hood on the market. The eye-catching stainless steel design of this hauslane PS18 will make you fall in love with it first. It has a touch screen control panel with a changeable lighting system, which will bring a touch of modernity to your kitchen. A 3-way flexible venting system on this range hood ensures that it is suitable for various duct sizes. You can choose from matte white, matte black, or stainless steel. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

Features of Hauslane PS18

  • Powerful suction with 860 CFM

No matter what you’re cooking, whether it’s boiling, frying, steaming, or grilling, the 860 CFM range from Hauslane can easily capture the smoke and heat produced by these heavy duties. Due to its powerful 860 CFM dual motors, the PS18 can prevent toxic air from entering your kitchens, such as grease, smoke, odors, fumes, and chemicals. You can protect your family’s health with the strong ventilation system of Hauslane PS18 CFM.

  • 6 Fan Speed Settings

This hauslane chef series UC-PS18 under cabinet range hood suction power is controlled by six fan speed modes, whereas other brands on the market only offer 3-4 fan speeds. This hauslane chef series PS18 range hood performs exceptionally well when operated at fan speeds up to 1-4. When used in 5, 6-speed settings, its noise level continues to increase. But that doesn’t mean it’s too noisy. It produces 63.8 dB of sound at a maximum 6 fan speed which is not too louder. When the fan is at its maximum speed of 6, the unit produces 63.8 dB of sound, which is not too loud. The sound level decreases to 62.3 dB at medium fan speed settings. We found only 61.2 dB at the lowest custom fan speed, which is definitely tolerable for a home system.

  • Three-Way for Vent Out

This hauslane UC-PS18 range hood has a seemingly endless list of features. Utilizing the versatile venting system of PS18 under cabinet range hood, you can perform activities in 3 different ways depending on where your ductwork is located. It does not require structural work on the wall or ceiling to arrange the machine separately. Here, you can use a 6-inch round cap and a 3-1/4″ x 10″ rectangular adapter for vertical ductwork. Horizontal also comes with 3-1/4″ x 10″ adapter rectangular ductwork on the back.

  • Delay Auto Shut-Off

The hauslane chef series PS18 under the cabinet range hood has an auto-shutoff timer for your comfort. It lets you set the time to shut down automatically through a command, which will make the busiest kitchen more efficient. Thus, cooking will be peaceful, and life will be faster.

  • Dishwasher-Friendly Baffle Filters

A stainless-steel baffle filter inside the UC-PS18 under cabinet range hood can be easily removed using pop-outs and is easy to clean. These filters are dishwasher-safe, so no worrying about polishing them. Simply throw them in the dishwasher and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will see that both of your filters have become very shiny.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Vent Type: Ducted | Sizes: 30″ & 36″ | Available Color: Stainless Steel, Matte White & Matte Black | Available Material: Stainless Steel, Metal | Airflow & Motor: 860 CFM with Dual Motors | Fan Speed: 6 Mode | Noise Level: 1.5 to 3.8 Sones | Lighting: 2 LED Warm Lights | Warranty: Two Years Warranty & Lifetime Motor Warranty

Advantages of PS18:

  • Max 860 CFM powerful suction with dual motors.
  • Six-speed settings for quiet operation.
  • 3-way exhaust system available to fit with any kitchen ductwork.
  • Auto shut-off method to ensure extra convenience.
  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters to make cooking life easier.

Disadvantages of PS18:

  • Only 2 LED lights whereas many other range hoods come with 4 lights for every corner.
  • The touch control panel is not convenient for those who feel comfortable using a manual control system.
  • Many users complain about its CFM suction less. They find less suction power.

What Makes PS18 Worth the Money: Hauslane chef series UC-PS18 range hood will make your life easier with its fabulous features. Here we show you in-depth hauslane ps18 reviews, including Auto shut-off, Touch screen control panel, Dishwasher-safe baffle filters, Three-way exhaust options. Those are able to save your time for your entire life and family. For a hassle-free heavy-duty cooking experience, Hauslane PS18 can be the best choice for your kitchen to clear all the toxic fumes from the kitchen.

2. Hauslane PS38 Reviews – Best Hauslane Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

Hauslane PS38 PRO

This Hauslane PS38 Pro under cabinet range hood comes with a bundle pack of features. Hauslane has made fame in the range hood industry with its UC-PS38 model range hood. It has a self-cleaning auto-clean system. Thus, you can now get rid of the tedious task of cleaning your range hood filters by simply installing this hauslane chef series range hood 30″ ps38 in your home. It also has 960 CFM-powered dual motors to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Features of Hauslane PS38

  • 960 CFM Fastest Suction

This Hauslane PS38 under cabinet mount range hood has dual motors that provide 960 CFM of airflow for heavy-duty work. These dual motors can quickly suck all kinds of smoke, odors, and grease to efficiently element toxic air from the kitchen to make it clean and fresh. UC-PS38 also has 6-speed fan settings, which allows you to operate the PS38 range hood in up to 6 modes as per the requirements of your burning burners. As a result, it can cheer up the kitchen by capturing the heat & smoke produced from regular light cooking to heavy-duty cooking.

  • Steam Auto Clean Function

Hauslane has made a splash in the kitchen hood industry with its chef series UC-PS38 range hood. This PS38 under cabinet mount automatically cleans by itself. It is a fantastic invention from Hauslane. It absorbs kitchen steam and smoke and collects it as water inside. By just touching it, all the dirt and grease is loosening, allowing the accumulated steam and water in the unit to clean the hood and fan. Due to the automatic steam clean feature, there is no need to wash separately.

  • Perimeter Design for Front Suction

All range hoods can’t perform suction directly from burners. Smoke, steam, odors, vapors generated from heavy cooking are absorbed after spreading in the kitchen. Nevertheless, this immaculate hauslane PS38 960 CFM’s suction methods have been designed in a way so that the heat and smoke generated from the front burners are captured by the unique panel filter design, which makes the cooking of your steak meal easier and smoother.

  • Sleek Digital Control Panel & Adjustable lights

It uses a sleek buttonless modern control design, making it easy to change the light, fan speed settings at the touch of a finger, and it is also easily cleanable. In the same way, this feature enables easy maintenance. This sleek touch control panel with stainless steel finish adds style and beauty to your kitchen. There are also two LED GU10 bulbs for illuminating cooking surfaces, which you can bring from the local hardware store to customize with the color of your choice.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Vent Type: Ducted | Sizes: 30″ | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 900 CFM with Dual Motors | Fan Speed: 6 Speed of Mode | Noise Level: Up to ‎67 dB | Lighting: Two LED Lights | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 23″ x 8-1/4″ | Warranty: Two Years Warranty & Lifetime Motor Warranty | Special Feature: Self Auto Clean

Advantages of PS38:

  • Steam auto-clean function for self-cleaning.
  • Produce highly pro performance with 960 CFM suction power.
  • Perimeter panel filter design for front burners directs suction.
  • Smart digital display control system for easy maintenance.

Disadvantages of PS38:

  • To illuminate the cooking area there are only two GU10 bulbs available.
  • Many users of PS18 complain about its noise level and the clock doesn’t work.

Why You Should Buy PS38: Many people say that the hauslane PS38 installation is pretty hard. That’s why you need a professional technician to install the UC-PS38 range hood. On the other hand, its exciting feature, which offers self-steam auto-cleaning, will captivate you just like everybody else as a step ahead of the modern age. As well as its 960 CFM dual motors capacity is so high that it can suck your grease, smoke, fumes very effectively to ensure heavy-duty cooking. Stainless steel buttonless ductless under cabinet range hood PS38 has a stylish and sleek appearance that no one can turn their back on.

3. Hauslane Built-In R100 – Hauslane Built in Range Hood

Hauslane Built In Range Hood

We wanted to present a complete package of hauslane range hood reviews to our readers. So that they can easily decide which vent hood they need and take advantage of it. To keep the differences in the discussion in that context, we have come here with hauslane built-in range hood reviews.

Hauslane has only one built-in stove hood in its range hood fleet, and it has also gained quite a bit of popularity if you want to have a range hood in your kitchen cabinet instead of an under cabinet range hood. Whose minimalist design kitchen cabinets are attached to its recessed design hood to enhance the beauty of your kitchen so that you can push it to the back of the cabinet. 600 CFM high-speed work of Hauslane built-in range hoods will bring a touch of serenity to your kitchen. There are two integrated lights on the R100 that can be customized to your taste.

Features of Hauslane Built-In R100

  • Recessed Built-in Design

The Hauslane R100 does not require you to change the design of your kitchen anymore to install a new hood. This hauslane range hood delivers top-notch performance without remodeling the existing kitchen style. When it is not in operation, no one can realize that there is really a range hood. This hauslane range hood insert will help you enjoy a healthier life by keeping your kitchen clean by carrying out heavy-duty cooking tasks like boiling, steaming, poaching, frying, searing, and sauteing from within your kitchen cabinets.

  • 600 CFM Suction Power

As with all other hauslane range hoods, this recessed range hood also applies a high capacity 600 CFM suction power, which is ideal for small kitchens. It uses a 184-watt motor (120V, 1.5amp), which will enable the family to run efficient operations for cooking. To keep the kitchen clean and healthy, smoke, steam, odor, and toxic grease need to be removed efficiently from all types of cuisine, including heavy-duty. Hauslane R100 insert range hood comes with three fan speeds, generating between 1.5 and 3 dB of noise for different conditions.

  • Works for Ventless

Those kitchens that lack adequate means of ventilation outside can benefit from using this hauslane R100 charcoal filter, which provides ductless benefits. Effective charcoal filters will point out ways to make your kitchen hood ductless. Grease and smell from cooking fumes can be easily removed using charcoal filters. Model CFI001 is an appropriate charcoal filter for use with this. Also commonly used are baffle filters. These filters have a strong grease capture ability. This deep-groove baffle filter can be cleaned with a dishwasher before grease leaks onto the wall and the cooktop.

  • Customizable GU10 LED Bulb

This Hauslane chef series range hood R100 30 comes with an LED light that is GU10 base 3W warm color. This will illuminate your cooktop area and indicate the location of your steak, as well as reduce your electricity bill. If you want, you can modify the R100 30 built-in lights by matching them with the interior light color of your kitchen. You can find this GU10 base LED lamp in any hardware store near you.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Built-In / Recessed | Vent Type: Ducted & Convertible | Sizes: 30″ | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 600 CFM Single Blower | Fan Speed: 3 Speed Fan | Noise Level: 1.5 to 3 Sones | Lighting: 3W LED (GU10 Base) | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-1/2″ x 11-1/4″ x 10″ | Warranty: ‎2-Year Limited Warranty with Lifetime Motor

Advantages of Built-In R100:

  • 600 CFM Powerful single blowers for heavy-duty.
  • Bright energy-saving customizable GU10 LED bulb.
  • Easy-to-remove, easy to clean dishwasher-safe baffle filters.
  • 6″ round duct system that can be converted into a recirculating system.

Disadvantages of Built-In R100:

  • Mechanical push control buttons.
  • Existing users comment that it is a very loud unit.

What Makes Built-In R100 Worth the Money: All range hoods produce more or less noise when running at high fan speeds. This Hauslane R100 30 Built-in / Recessed range hood unit is the great invention of Hauslane. This hauslane built-in kitchen hood can effortlessly calm the kitchen environment with its functional 600 CFM capacity for a small or medium-sized kitchen. The unit also includes a built-in recessed design, GU10 LED bulb customization, and dishwasher-safe baffle filters.

4. Hauslane Chef Series 30 PS10 Review – Hauslane 30 Inch Range Hood

Hauslane PS10

Suppose you’re looking for a range hood that has high suction power with baffle filters so that this Hauslane UC-PS10SS range hood is the best choice for your kitchen to do a pro performance. Hauslane PS10 range hood will perfectly fit with your 30-inch cooktop. PS10 hauslane range hood made with professional style adds an additional touch to your elegant kitchen. This under cabinet electric range hood will completely do its job removing heat, smoke, vapors efficiently with its 3-speed fan settings by producing 1.5 to 4 sones noise to ensure a smoke-free atmosphere in your kitchen.

Features of Hauslane PS10

  • 900 CFM Suction with 3 Speed Settings

The range hood should provide a healthy and peaceful environment for household members. Therefore, this hauslane chef series 30″ PS10 is powered by two 900 CFM motors. It has three fan speeds that can create a healthy kitchen ambiance. Hence, ensuring good health for yourself and your family.

  • Easy to Clean Baffle Filters

Most people feel comfortable using baffle filters. The hauslane UC PS10 range hood has two baffle filters that are as efficient and effective at grabbing grease, fumes, and odors as they are at absorbing dangerous kitchen elements. Baffle filters are available in the hauslane PS10, and they are effortless to remove with the pop of a button as well as easy to clean. Those are dishwasher-safe. Their friendship with the dishwasher has made your life easier and more comfortable by capturing grease in the kitchen and preventing drips.

  • Energy-Saving LED Bulbs

Hauslane UC-PS10SS comes with two LED light bulbs on the left and right sides. These lights make illuminate your cooktop surface area to ensure cooking preparation. These LED lights are energy-saving and help minimize your electric bill & save your money. Here you will find a display touch control panel to control the hood, fans & light bulbs. The presence of this feature will give you the feel of the modern era.

  • Delay Auto Shut-Off

Hauslane UC-PS10SS offers auto shut-off convenience that allows the range hood to shut down without your presence. While you cut steak with a spoon and knife at dinner with your family, this PS10 will continue to handle grease, smoke, and fumes until it eventually shuts down automatically.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Vent Type: Ducted | Sizes: 30 Inch | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 900 CFM | Fan Speed: 3 Speed Fan | Noise Level: 1.5 to 4 Sones | Lighting: Energy-Saving White LED | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 22″ x 8-3/4″ | Warranty: ‎Two Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Motor Warranty

Advantages of PS10:

  • 900 CFM powerful suction works to assure pro performance.
  • Cost minimizing LED light bulbs to illuminate the surface.
  • Auto delay shut down to make you tension-free.

Disadvantages of PS10:

  • Only 3 fan speed settings where another hauslane range hood provides 6-speed settings.
  • Many users face problems with the clock.

What Makes PS10 Worth Buying: The elegant and modern stylish design of the Hauslane UC-PS10SS range hood ultimately converts your kitchen into a modern kitchen. Furthermore, its Auto shut-off, 900 CFM airflow suction power, and Energy-efficient LED bulbs features can easily divert anyone’s attention.

5. Hauslane WM-590 Wall Mount – Hauslane Wall Mount Range Hood

Hauslane WM-590

Do you prefer a wall mount range hood instead of an under cabinet range hood? Thoughts, alas! I’ve read here all the under cabinet range hood reviews, now what will happen to me? Don’t worry! Hauslane has a huge collection of giant Hauslane wall mount range hoods. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of hauslane range hood reviews to present a complete package to you. So that you can easily see a discussion comparing all the popular range hoods of Hauslane in one place.

Those who like the color black will find this black stainless-steel finish hauslane WM-590 range hood to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Its transparent eye-catching, fingerprint, and smudge-resistant design will enhance the beauty of homeowners’ kitchen’s manifold. It also has 860 CFM variable 3-speed fan settings with dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters so you can stay worry-free from rubbing. The system can also be converted from ductless to ducted by using separate charcoal filters.

Features of Hauslane WM-590

  • Scratch & Fingerprint Resistant

When we use something, there are usually set fingerprints on it. As it spoils the product, these impressions also spoil the product’s beauty. The WM-590BSS-30 hauslane range hood is the exact opposite. This range hood has a smudge-resistant finish that will keep you free from worry and will have a scratch-free forever new range hood in your kitchen. Black stainless-steel finishing and this smudge-resistant feature will bring a touch of aesthetics to your kitchen, and you will get a modish and spotless range hood as always.

  • 860 CFM Suction Power

This hauslane wall mount range hood comes in powerful duty with its 860 CFM motor for capturing and sucking all toxic fumes and air from your kitchen room. There is no compromise when it comes to health uncertainties. Hauslane has made their range hoods with Cutting Edge Technology so that there is no error in customer service. But unfortunately, the Hauslane WM-590 only has 3 fan speeds, while all the other range hoods in this range have 6 fan speeds.

  • Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters

Since time is precious in our busy world, where is the time to spend on cleaning? There is almost nothing worse than having to clean a filter. Even if you don’t keep it clean again, the problem will worsen. But here’s the good news: the WM-590bss-30 Hauslane range hood has dishwasher-friendly baffle filters. Don’t worry about filters; just place them in the dishwasher and return later. No more grease dripping tension.

  • Convertible to Ductless

It is a hassle for many people to vent outside the range hood. They can check out this Hauslane WM-590 wall mount range hood if they want. Because if you’re going to change the baffle filters, you can install the charcoal filters in the WM-590 range hood to convert them to ductless from ducted and avoid the disturbance of the vent outside.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Wall Mounted | Vent Type: Ducted but Convertible | Sizes: 30″ | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 860 CFM | Fan Speed: 3 Speed Fan | Noise Level: 1.5 to 3.8 Sones | Lighting: 3W LED Lights | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 19-3/4” x 45″ | Warranty: ‎Two Years Warranty

Advantages of WM-590:

  • Fingerprint and Smudge resistant finishing.
  • Convertible to ductless.
  • Illuminated mechanical control button for heavy-duty.

Disadvantages of WM-590:

  • Huge price range considering lack of modern features.
  • Only 3 fan speeds against 6-speed settings.
  • Although it looks like a monster, its suction power is not of that level.

What Makes WM-590 Worth Buying: This pyramid-style Hauslane WM-590BSS wall mount range hood has a modern outlook. That is capable of creating an aesthetic environment. Its smudge-resistant finish will always keep it young like a 21-year-old guy. As well as due to its extraordinary feature, it may be a new addition to your kitchen. But there is a lack of modern features like auto shut off.

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6. Hauslane Chef Series 30 C400 – Hauslane Under Cabinet Kitchen Extractor Hood Review

Hauslane Chef Series 30 C400

Again, we come with another Hauslane under cabinet range hood which is called the hauslane chef series 30″ C400 range hood. This range hood comes with also 3-way venting options that we review in hauslane PS18. We also review this hauslane ‎UC-C400 because of its durability as well as outstanding features like auto cleanable, 6 Speed fan options, Powerful suction to make the kitchen grease-free & a bundle of great functions. Hauslane chef series C400 extractor hood able to clean itself just in 30 seconds which features attracted me more to review it.

Features of Hauslane C400

  • Auto Clean Premium System

This chef series hauslane C400 has an innovative self-cleaning feature, so you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning the range hood. It can clean itself and keep it fresh within one click by using the built-in water supply. Forget about cleaning your range hood by hand. The C400 under cabinet range hood dissolves all kinds of oily grease inside it to make itself more efficient and more attractive. Consequently, your range hood will be hygienic, and its fan and motor will last for a long time.

  • Six-Speed Quiet Operation

Make as much steak meal as you want and continue to produce smoke. Leave the responsibility of sucking smoke, grease, fumes on the 750 CFM airflow efficient and effective suction power of Hauslane C400. Six fan speed options are available based on the cooking situation for fast smoke removal and odor elimination. There is a choice of settings from lowest to highest to ensure performance and the quietest range hood noise levels.

  • Three-Way Exhaust Options

Similar to the Hauslane PS18, this hood also has a 3-way venting system. To ensure maximum convenience in the installation of hauslane C400, it has three different venting options. It has a 6″ round & 3-1 / 4″ x 10″ rectangular vertical option, horizontal 3-1 / 4″ x 10″ versatile duct adapter options to fit your kitchen room without any modification to drywall.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount | Vent Type: Ducted | Sizes: 30 inches | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 750 CFM Dual Motors | Fan Speed: 6 Fan-Speed Setting | Noise Level: Up to ‎66 dB | Lighting: 50w Halogen | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 22″ x 8″ | Warranty: ‎Two-Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime Motor Warranty

Advantages of C400:

  • ‎30-second Auto clean premium features available to ensure hassle-free life.
  • Bright halogen white bulbs to illuminate the cooktop.
  • Digital touch screen control panel with elegant design.
  • 6-speed ventilation function for quiet operation.

Disadvantages of C400:

  • Not DIY-friendly installation. It’s quite tough maybe you have to call a professional guy.
  • At the highest settings, it produces quite a noise.

What Makes C400 Worth the Money: Hauslane Chef Series C400 is a compact package of great function and facility. This ventilation hood has a stylish curved design, and elegant stainless-steel finish to eye-catching. Everyone is bound to fall in love with the features of this innovative range hood from hauslane.

7. Hauslane 30 WM 639 Wall Mount – Hauslane 30-In Convertible Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Range Hood

Hauslane 30 WM 639

Let’s look at another wall-mounted range hood from Hauslane. Since we have discussed the best 7 hauslane range hood reviews here, this is the last range hood review of hauslane by us.

The Hauslane WM-639SS-30 inch wall mount range hood has been added to the Hauslane kitchen hood fleet with a modern, sleek outlook and high suction power. Hauslane 30 WM 639 wall mounted is a perfect solution for heavy-duty cooking.

Features of Hauslane WM 639

  • Elegant Design with Glass Panel

Hauslane 30 WM 639 wall mount range hood comes in a curved sleek design and glass panel, which converts your kitchen into a luxurious kitchen. This hauslane WM 639 range hood with a stainless-steel canopy, tempered glass, and clockless black control panel will replace your old range hood with a beautiful wall mounted range hood and add elegance to your kitchen.

  • Auto Delay Shutoff

The fumes can remain in the kitchen if the range hood is closed immediately after cooking. The Hauslane 30 WM 639 ventilation hood wall mount features an automatic shutdown timer to prevent such problems. This range hood’s delay auto shut-off feature will distinguish it from other hauslane wall mount range hoods available on the market. You can leave it for 60 seconds after finishing the work using the timer.

  • Able to Convert Ventless

These hauslane WM-639 range hoods usually have baffle filters. The baffle filter is fully capable of capturing odors, smoke, and fumes, but it has to be vented outside. The problem is that it is difficult for many flats to vent outside, so they usually opt for ductless ones. In this case, you could add a charcoal filter separately to make this hauslane wall mount range hood ductless.


Brand: Hauslane | Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Vent Type: Ducted but Convertible | Sizes: 30″, 36″ | Available Color: Stainless Steel | Available Material: Stainless Steel | Airflow & Motor: 750 CFM with Dual Motors | Fan Speed: 3 Mode Speed Settings | Noise Level: 1.5 to 4.0 Sones | Lighting: Integrated LED | Dimensions (WxDxH): 29-3/4″ x 19-3/4” x 45″ | Warranty: ‎2-Year Limited Warranty

Advantages of WM 639:

  • Delay auto-shutoff features.
  • Easy-to-use dishwasher-friendly baffle filters.
  • Easily converted to ventless.
  • Suitable for both low and high ceilings.

Disadvantages of WM 639:

  • Many existing users complain that it leads to very loud duty.
  • Only 3 fan speeds instead of 6 speeds.

Why You Should Buy WM 639: This hauslane WM 639 wall mount range hood is the perfect choice for a small kitchen. 750 CFM with dual motors capable of restoring peace in the kitchen by removing annoying smoke and toxic grease from the kitchen by conducting its efficient operation for a small kitchen. You can also use its auto-shutoff function and easy-to-use dishwasher-safe baffle filters to make your daily life easier with this hauslane range hood.

History of Hauslane Range Hood

Hauslane is the most popular kitchen appliance manufacturer in South San Francisco, California, United States of America. They have a well-known reputation and brand value, which makes them a great brand.

This hauslane manufacturer has made various kitchen appliances for the last seven years more. They manufacture Range hoods, Modern home ceiling fans, Bathroom ceiling exhaust fans, Kitchen cooking accessories as well as Range hoods accessories. But Hauslane specializes in making range hoods, one of the most significant contributors to the brand’s reputation.

For over a decade, Hauslane has been engaged in the kitchen ventilation business with a reputation for reliability and quality. Hauslane is known for being a highly dependable and reputable brand. Hauslane range hood contributes to the kitchen appliance industry by prioritizing the health of its customers, as a result of their belief that maintaining a long-lasting relationship with customers is what drives their brand’s success today.

Hauslane has been producing sleek, modern design range hoods to remove smoke and fumes from any kitchen and bring a touch of peace. They are creating a range of hoods in a combination of affordable, durable, and engineering technology that simplifies our lives and allows us to make our kitchen heaven at home. A new upgrade with a hauslane range hood will build a huge luxurious improvement to your kitchen and will enable you to concentrate on cooking tasty meals to make human connections. It could be a first date, a family reunion, a special occasion, or just an evening of dinner.

Is Hauslane a Good Brand for Range Hoods?

Hauslane range hood has been conducting business in the market for over a decade to meet the needs of consumers in the production of household kitchen appliances. It manufactures kitchen accessories, from bedroom ceiling fans to bathroom exhaust fans and kitchen ventilation systems, but is more specialized and known for producing range hoods. Hauslane is fully dedicated to providing a peaceful cooking experience by changing your kitchen air quality. The company has invented a range of hoods that will keep your kitchen grease-free and offer a healthy and attractive blending environment that will protect your home from toxic and harmful smoke and fumes to ensure your family’s health.

Hauslane range hood is an excellent brand compared to other brands because a few days ago, I bought an hauslane under cabinet range hood for my gas stove. Honestly, I was blown away when I received the product. First of all, everyone in my family loves its dazzling, sharp, stainless steel, stylish appearance. After that, I went to install it and found that they have all their installation options included in the manual, something that not many hood manufacturers do. It has an awe-inspiring functional design that really works at sucking up all smoke and grease. This range hood is more powerful but not so noisy. While it has high fan speeds, it produces less noise than other range hoods, making me fall in love. Moreover, it has the best price range compared to its specifications and competitors.

Who Makes Hauslane Range Hoods?

Hauslane is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen accessories in San Francisco. This hauslane company manufactures hauslane range hoods. Located in South San Francisco, California, United States of America. They have been producing kitchen utensils since 2014 and trying to reduce our kitchen suffering. In addition to the range hood, they also offer modern home ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, and range hood accessories. These products have gained wide acceptance on the market in a short time. Therefore, there are a large number of consumers on the world market who are active customers of hauslane.

How Quiet Is This Hauslane Range Hood?

All range hoods typically make some noise when they are driven. Because when a fan moves at high speeds, it produces a little bit of noise, and that’s normal. Almost all range hoods on the market today produce some amount of noise.

In that sense, the hauslane range hood also produces a fair amount of noise but within a limit. According to our hauslane range hood reviews above, each of these products produces sound from 60 dB to a maximum of 68 dB or 1.5 to 4 sones. How much noise the range hood creates is determined by the fan speed. Exactly the same amount of noise will be generated by a kitchen hood as running that maximum fan speed. You will hear less noise if you cook lightly on the stove, and the range hood will operate at a slower speed. But if you cook heavily in your kitchen, it will run at high speed to remove smoke and steam and produce high-range noise, which is typical. Many other brands of range hoods have been accused of making too much noise, but there have been relatively few complaints about the noise of the hauslane range hood.

The quietest range hoods among the hauslane range hoods reviewed above are Hauslane Chef series range hood R100 30 built-in, Hauslane Chef series 30 C400 range hood, Hauslane WM-590 wall mount range hood sequentially.

Hauslane Range Hood Is Really Beautiful or Not?

In addition to covering an essential part of the kitchen, the range hood should be so beautiful that it has to attract everyone’s attention. Our kitchen is the most important part of our homes, where we prepare our daily necessities. Nowadays, everyone strives to be intelligent and perfect. That’s why every homemaker wants a beautiful and extraordinary range hood for their kitchens.

They are keeping in mind, Hauslane has designed its range hoods so that all homeowners will enjoy them and have a special place in their homes for them. Hausalne’s kitchen hood has a series of modern and traditional designs to meet the needs of consumers. E.g.

Buttonless sleek design: Why would the kitchen hood delay? Where the front PC to a smartphone in hand is operating by the fingertips! Hauslane’s kitchen hood does not fall behind. The kitchen hood reviewed here includes all the range hoods of PS18, PS38, PS10, C400, WM 639, Hauslane C395, WM 739, WM 538 with buttonless touch control panel. You can initiate auto shut-off from the speed settings of the entire range hood with just one touch, which has increased the attractiveness as well as the touch of modernity. They mainly use touch control panels in their under cabinet range hoods, but most of the hauslane wall mount range hoods use button control panels.

Minimalistic, Contemporary Luxurious Design: Hauslane developed its products according to the needs of the consumers and has moved away from its old-style designs to keep up with modernity. Every piece of their range hoods currently on the market has a luxurious feel. Hauslane range hood may be the best choice if you want to have an elegant and attractive range hood in your kitchen.

Smudge-resistant durable design: The Hauslane fleet has a range of hoods that don’t mark even if touched. Yes, real is not an imagination. Hauslane’s WM-590 range hood features a smudge-resistant finish, so it won’t get any handprints and will stay young. Hauslane’s range hoods are made from stainless steel in a high-quality design while ensuring lasting durability.

Despite this, it is essential to point out that this is not always better. Several range hoods from the previous period can still be found in the hauslane.

Some Useful FAQs Regarding Hauslane & Hauslane Range Hoods

Q: Where are Hauslane Range Hoods Made?

A: Hauslane is one of the kitchen appliance manufacturing brands in South San Francisco, California. This is a private manufacturing industry. Hauslane range hoods are made in South San Francisco, California, United States.

Q: Why should you buy the Hauslane range hoods?

A: Hauslane is one of the well-known and well-reputed kitchen appliance manufacturer brands in the USA also worldwide. Hauslane earns consumer demand for its top-notch quality products with exceptional and uncommon features. They provide auto-clean function, auto shut-off, powerful suction, sleek modern design, scratch-resistant finish, customizable light bulbs, quiet operation, durable construction, high-quality filter, and many more with an affordable price range. Even though there are many judgments that you should choose Hauslane range hoods, these are just a few of them.

Q: Does the Hauslane range hood provide any warranty?

A: Obviously, all the range hoods from Hauslane are 2 years of limited warranty and lifetime warranty on motors. Learn more about warranty and return policy from here.

Q: Which hauslane range hood is the best from above them?

A: We only review the top 7 pics from the hauslane database here. Therefore, we choose 7 of the most popular and best-selling picks from the market. This list mentions all the best hauslane range hoods in their respective categories.

Q: What type of filter does the Hauslane company use for their range hood?

A: Stainless steel baffle filters have been used in each of our covered hauslane range hoods. Usually, Hauslane uses mesh filters, baffle filters in their range hood.

Q: Can you recommend to me the best hauslane range hood?

A: It’s hard to say which one is more suitable for you and perfect for your needs. Which range hood is best will depend on the needs and requirements of the consumer. We recommend the hauslane chef series PS18 under cabinet range hood if we have to choose. Because here, you will find great features like auto shut-off with 860 CFM powerful suction at a reasonable price.

Final Words

We’ve tried to cover Hauslane range hood reviews with some of Hauslane’s best and most effective range hood reviews that will really benefit our readers.

We have here hauslane chef series 30″ PS18, hauslane PS38 range hood, hauslane chef series 30 C400 range hood, hauslane WM-590, hauslane R100 30 built-in, hauslane WM-639, hauslane PS38 reviews which are attractive, long-lasting and come with a bundle of superior features. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in finding an ideal ventilation hood within your budget after reading this article.

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