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IKC01 Iktch Under Cabinet Range Hood 900 CFM Reviews – Make Your Kitchen

Iktch IKC01 is one of the best under cabinet range hood 900 CFM in the Iktch range hood series. This Iktch IKC01 is an amazing combination of an elegant outlook and modern features at an affordable price.

IKC01 Iktch under cabinet range hood 900 CFM is available in three different 30″ 36″ 42″ sizes to meet user-specific needs. This Iktch under cabinet range hood features 900 CFM high suction airflow, 4 fan speeds, 3 way versatile control system including a sensor, and a Delay auto shut-off that makes your life easier.

Highlighted Features of IKC01 Iktch Under Cabinet Range Hood 900 CFM

A) Elegant appearance to make your kitchen more beautiful than any time before.

B) Under Cabinet Mount

C) Up to 900 CFM powerful suction ability

D) 4 levels of fan speed for quiet operation

E) Remort, Touch, and Sensor control systems make a comfort zone

F) Easy to remove dishwasher-safe baffle filters

G) Adjustable LED light

H) Time delay auto shut off

Overview of 900 CFM Iktch IKC01 Reviews Under Cabinet

iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood 900 cfm

Modern Stylish Outlook

If we start to talk about IKC01 from the initial stage then we have to start from its outlook and impression. The Iktch IKC01 is one of the most attractive under cabinet range hoods in the market nowadays. It is made from a high-quality stainless steel material with an aesthetic finish.

The manufacturer uses 1mm (19-Gauge) thick stainless steel to build the whole body of the hood. The attractive stainless steel exterior makes it looks classy. Iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood 900 cfm (available in 30, 36, 42 inches) unit looks very trendy and contemporary with a polished stainless steel design.

Also, its digital touchscreen panel increases the beauty of the IKC01 2X more. A digital soft-touch screen is built at the front of the range hood with a backlit. As a result, as well as increasing the attractiveness of the hood, there are opportunities for easy and comfortable use.

Superior Ability to Air Movement of 900 CFM and 4 levels Speed Quiet Operation

This high specification makes stand out from this Iktch range hood from others. They provide high CFM effective suction power at a reasonable price. A 900 CFM rating is also provided by this Iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood. Its 900 CFM airflow is maintained by dual technology motor. The whole system is made to face heavy cooking like deep frying, and steak made.

This under cabinet range hood’s power is structured by 4 levels of speed to ensure the convenience of operation and performance. Out of which level 2 is enough for normal work And level 3 fan speed ensures quiet performance. At level 4 is a heavy suction step where the hood works like a monster. So generally, the range hood at levels 3 and 4 produces some noise which all company kitchen hoods do. But at fan speed number 1 and 2, the machine runs a superb quiet suction operation.

3 Way Control System to Control the hood Performance and Lights

Iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood has 3 way control system including a remote, touch panel, and wave sensor. Anyone can control the range hood in any way according to their needs and time.

Everyone feels comfy using different types of controls, so Iktch provides these 3 types of benefits for each of their range hoods. The touchscreen is fantastic and the remote is a cool addition. More useful are the gesture controls. You simply wave your hand quickly across the front of the unit to turn it on, increase and decrease the fan speeds and turn off the fan. It is actually very useful to have this feature in the kitchen, as your hands might be covered with flour or dough or even wet. So, you will be able to turn on/off and control the hood with zero-touch is useful.

While gesture controls have some advantages, the biggest disadvantage is that tall people have to suffer. Even if they just walk in front of it, it can change direction because the sensor is used. Alternatively, you can cover the sensor with black electrical tape if you wish to get rid of it.

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters that can be put in the Dishwasher

IKC01 Under Cabinet Range Hood Reviews

900 CFM Iktch IKC01 unit is beautiful and extremely functional. To achieve this powerful suction, there are two large fans and two very heavy stainless double-walled grease baffles. Baffle filters are made of stainless steel, which is awesome for dishwashers because it’s easy to clean. These filters are dishwasher safe and can be washed whenever necessary.

Time Delay Auto Shut OFF makes your Kitchen Life

IKC01 Iktch under cabinet range hood 900 CFM has been used with the modern and most wanted auto shut off/on feature. Through this user can keep the range hood on even without its presence and can instruct it to close automatically at the end of the required time. Which is very useful for a housewife. With the use of this, anyone can make his kitchen life more ease and peace.

Even when you are enjoying food with your family after cooking, this Iktch under cabinet range hood will be engaged in removing the remaining smoke, and fumes in the kitchen. After the kitchen is completely free from smoke, grease, and steam, the IKC01 under cabinet range hood will automatically shut off without your touch.

Bright, Adjustable Illumination LED lamps to illuminate the Cooktop

Iktch under cabinet range hood has 2 unit adjustable LED light which has a good dimming ability to ensure your cooking position. There are a couple of dimmable LED lights that provide adequate illumination. A gentle tap could turn them on or off, or a tap and hold could dim them to your preferred level.

Depending on the light and brightness of the kitchen, the LED lights illuminate the cooktop so that your steak will have an attractive look and increase your appetite. Also, the lights will not provide additional brightness without the need to be adjustable and have enough light distribution to meet your requirements. As a result, your home energy will save electricity bills.

Super ease of Installation as you want

Its installation process is very easy. Anyone can install the Iktch range hood by themselves just by looking at the user manual. Due to this, the contractor does not have to spend extra money. Which will save your pocket money.

Also, you don’t have to use this as only be under cabinet mount you can also mount it as separately on the wall as wall mounted. You may be able to secure some 90-degree brackets to a couple of studs then screw to those to help against the downward. It could work both ways but we would not suggest it, there is a couple of option for wall mount range hoods from Iktch such as Iktch IKP01 wall mount range hood 900 CFM and IKP02 Iktch wall mount range hood, etc.

Key Specifications

  • Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Vent Type: Ducted
  • Sizes: Available in 30″, 36″, 42″
  • Available Color: Silver & Black
  • Available Material: Stainless Steel
  • Airflow & Motor: 900 CFM Dual Motor
  • Fan Speed: 4 Level
  • Noise Level: Up to ‎65 dB
  • Lighting: 2pcs LED lamps
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty

The Pros and Cons of IKC01 Iktch Under Cabinet Range Hood


A) This unit comes with 900 CFM under $400 which is a good price point for those who want a powerful product. If we compare it with other manufacturers it is top at the price point.

B) The 4-speed motors do a pretty good job and operate quite, calm and cool operation with dual fans that are in a squirrel cage.

C) The build quality and finish of the unit were top-notch and durable.

D) Dishwasher cleanable baffle filters ensure ease of maintenance and are convenient.

E) You can install it anyway, anywhere as you want in most situations. The unit has several different mounting options for hole placement both top and front.

E) The unit is very well made, it is solid, sleek, slim profile, and best durable build quality.

G) Gesture controls work very well and are super useful if your hands are dirty.

H) The Iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood 900 cfm works great in functionality without making too much noise. and many more advantages are available for this best Iktch under cabinet range hood.


A) Changing the fan’s speed and turning it on/off is difficult due to gesture sensing being the biggest drawback. Tall people have to face the real issue it activates randomly as you work in front of the stove. The gesture controls are annoying when you are trying to clean the hood.

B) Touch buttons have lag Sometimes you may have to touch the button forcibly.

C) The unit’s only way to connect is using a rectangular 3.25 x 10″ vent although the manufacturer claims that this unit can accommodate either a round 6″ vent or a rectangular vertical vent.

D) There is a delay auto timer for shut off available with this IKC01 range hood but it does not have the function of a clock.


What Makes This IKC01 Under Cabinet Range Hood Stands Out?

Protecting Your Investment: This Iktch under cabinet range hood 900 CFM is the cheapest under cabinet range hood in terms of features. There are various features and advantages available for this one which are discussed above. It has high suction airflow for efficient and effective performance. You will get a compact and powerful kitchen range hood at this price range which will provide accurate benefits for your investment.

A Comfortable Experience: Although it is a high airflow 900 cfm Iktch IKC01 it is still a quiet range hood. There are four fan speeds, ranging from 1 to 3 levels, ensuring quiet and peaceful operation. Along with that, there are adjustable LED lights whose brightness can be increased or decreased as needed. Controlled by remote, touch, and sensor system control feature that provides a complete package of comfortable experience.

iktch under cabinet range hood

Filters and Maintenance: This under cabinet 900 CFM Iktch IKC01 reviews come with a 1mm (19-Gauge) stainless steel body which is very easy to clean. Keep it looking new with regular cleaning. This Iktch under cabinet range hood suction is equipped with high quality stainless steel baffle filters which are very durable. Due to their dishwasher-friendly nature, these filters are easy to maintain. Just throw these 2 filters in the dishwasher and the dishwasher will do the rest.

Customer Service: Iktch range hood company provides very fast customer service to their customers. They are concerned about anything so customers get very quick replies. From the installation process to after sale service they are dedicated to helping you solve the problem.

Also, they politely give time to customers to solve any unexpected occurrence problems from return policy to price problems. Iktch ensures safe and higher packaging with hard corner protectors and custom-fitted styrofoam so that the range hood reaches its desired destination intact.

See Customer’s Owner Feedback >>

FAQs Regarding Iktch IKC01 Hood

What is the price range of this IKC01?

The price range begins at $300 – $400

What are the colors available for it?

There is a silver color and black color version available for Iktch IKC01.

Does this exhaust the outside?

Yes, it is a ducted under cabinet range hood from Iktch. It exhausts steam, vapor, and smoke to the outside.

Is there a Backdraft Damper on the unit?

Yes, there is a Backdraft Damper available.

What are the duct sizes and types required for this range hood work probably?

You need a 3.25×10 duct adapter for this Iktch under cabinet range hood.

Can this be installed without a duct?

No, this model does not support ductless. there is no option to make it recirculate. It is only ducted outside.

How is electrical power supplied to the unit?

It has a plug and comes with a standard grounded 3-prong electrical plug and 3 feet long cord. But if you want you can hard wire it.

can you turn off the sensor part of the control?

There are no official options to turn off the sensor. You can just put a strip of black electrical tape over the sensor.

Is there technical support available on it?

Yes, the iktch customer service is super fast and active. If you have any questions during the installation process or after using some months you can contact the seller, they will help you to solve the problem.

Is it comes with any warranty?

Yes, the Iktch manufacturer provides 10 years warranty on the motor, and 5 years warranty on the switch control and LED lamps. For further investigation, you can check the return policy and manual from Iktch.

Final Verdict

Only if you can adjust the control issue then we would say this Iktch 30 inch under cabinet range hood 900 CFM will be a great choice kitchen vent hood for you if you want some serious power. All the benefits that this Iktch range hood will provide are just worth it for its price and you can just go for it as it is the most popular Iktch under cabinet range hood in the industry.

Our team’s research effort will be beneficial in your range hood selection decision. Make your kitchen life ease with us, Beat the Heat of the Kitchen.

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