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How To Clean Fotile Range Hood Easily In Few Steps

There are 17 million families around the world who use the famous Fotile range hood. That’s why many people want to know how to clean fotile range hood. So we are providing you with this range hood cleaning guide to make your use of a Fotile range hood more pleasant and easier.

Materials you need to Cleaning Fotile Range Hood

  • Paper towel / Dry cloth / Kitchen wipe
  • Degreaser / Soap / Detergent
  • Removal Tool

Safety Considerations that Should be Keep in Mind

  1. Ensure that the area surrounding the range hood’s electrical components is clean. Do not keep any damp items near the power switch.
  2. Do not use hard cleaning materials like steel wool or wire brushes to clean the range hood to avoid scratches. It is recommended to use only paper towels, sponges, or kitchen wipes to clean the kitchen hood.
  3. The use of caustic cleaning elements during cleaning is prohibited due to their potential to weaken and discolor the hood. Use only neutral, non-caustic products.
  4. Keeping your range hood looking brand new requires daily wiping down of the outer surface, air intake exterior, and filter. 

How To Clean Fotile Range Hood Step By Step

1. Clean the Exterior of the Hood

The external surface of any range hood can also be affected by cooking oil and grease. Although in the case of a vent hood with stainless steel body, it can be in favor in this regard. So first clean the outer surface of your range hood with a paper towel, cloth, or kitchen wipe. In this phase to avoid fingerprints on your vent hood, we recommend using a stainless steel cleaner and wiping down (From Amazon) any surfaces in the direction of the hairline finish.

2. Removing the Oil Tray and Clean

Most of the fotile range hood comes with an oil tray and grease trap to accumulate oil and grease. Through this range hood oil trays are designed to trap oil, but if they aren’t cleaned properly in time, grease and oil will bleed from there and dirty the cooktop surface. So keeping these clean regularly to prevent them from overflowing. 

Pull the oil tray out of the range hood with two hands and slide it horizontally away from you. Keep it parallel to the floor as you do this.

Put the tray in a container with hot water and immerse it. Add lye-free soap to the water and mix it well with a little bit of water and soak the tray there for 15-30 minutes to loosen any stuck-on grease or extra oil. Then wash the tray again with more warm water and let it dry.

3. Remove the Capture-Shield Plate

After cleaning the oil tray and trap now you have to remove the capture shield from the hood. To remove it pull down on the front edge at an angle using two hands to press enough pressure that can easily release the plate. Once the plate is clean, throw it in the dishwasher or basin if it can be used with a non-caustic degreaser or detergent. Finally, wash any residue off with a sponge or brush.

4. Cleaning the Filters of the Hood

Remove the filters of the Fotile range hood that are held by the two screws. Unscrew them using a removal tool. You should ensure that you are holding the filter properly with your two hands while you unscrew them. When removing done place the filter in a basin of warm water with non-caustic soap or detergent as like step 3. At finishing, brushes the filter’s grids and removes any residue with a soft small brush.

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5. Reassemble the Range Hood

Be sure to securely reassemble your range hood afterward. After completing the all step describe before, once you clean all the range hood components reassemble the ensemble down to the upper step procedure like steps 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, our above Fotile range hood cleaning guide will be useful to you and will contribute to making your cooking life easier and more enjoyable.

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