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Top 7 Best Island Range Hood Reviews and Buying Guide In 2024

An island range hood is a range hood that hangs over a kitchen stove in the center of an open kitchen. It is attached to the ceiling and emits smoke through the ceiling. It has higher CFM and power efficiency than other range hoods. Because it helps to create delicious cooking by removing the vapor oil, smell, and odor from the center of an open room.

That’s why today we are going to discuss some of the best island range hoods. In that sense, we are presenting to you an in-depth analysis of the 7 best island range hood reviews. Which will make a huge difference in your purchasing decision and make your research easier.

Including rates of CFM and size, there are many other things to consider when buying an island range hood. We have presented a complete island range hood buying guide in front of you through a detailed discussion on those issues.  We have published some common FAQs under the island mount range hood before concluding this article. Which will answer some common questions about the best ceiling mounted range hood that you have in mind.

A Island Range Hood With a Kitchen Stove

7 Best Island Range Hood Reviews Whose are In The Market

Image Name Details Sizes Price
Cosmo 668ICS750 Island Mount Range Hood CFM: 380
Ventilation: Ducted
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Dishwasher Safe Filters, LED Lights.
30″, 36″ Check Price
Cosmo 668ICS900 Island Mount Range Hood CFM: 380
Ventilation: Convertible
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Dishwasher Safe Filters, LED Lights.
30″, 36″ Check Price
Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood CFM: 350
Ventilation: Convertible
Features: Quiet operation, Aluminum Mesh Filters, LED Lights.
30″ Check Price
AKDY 36 in.Convertible Island Mount Range Hood CFM: 300
Ventilation: Convertible
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Dishwasher Safe Filters, Carbon Filters.
36″ Check Price
CAVALIERE 36″ Inch Island Mounted Range Hood CFM: 860
Ventilation: Convertible
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Dishwasher Safe Filters, LED Lights.
36″ Check Price
36 inch Tieasy Island Range Hood 700 CFM Ceiling Mount Hood CFM: 700
Ventilation: Ducted
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Aluminum Mesh Filters, LED Lights.
36″ Check Price
Winflo 30 In. 520 CFM Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood CFM: 520
Ventilation: Convertible
Features: 3 Fan Speeds, Quiet operation, LED Lights.
30″ Check Price

What is an Island Range Hood?

The range hood that hangs from the ceiling above the cooktop to expel airborne grease, oil, and heat from the kitchen is called an island range hood. The Island mount range hood does not require any wall to hang like other range hoods. It can hang on the ceiling without the support of the wall. Its suction work has to be done with the ceiling.

There is no need to change the kitchen to install an island range hood. Because it does not require any pre-determined space, a healthy environment can be enjoyed by placing it wherever you want through ceiling support. This type of range hood is usually placed in the middle of the kitchen. As a result, many people can enjoy cooking together in groups. That advantage is not available through other range hoods.

With the help of this ceiling-mounted range hood, you can cook happily in front of your friends and family in the center of an open and spacious room. Entertainment starts with all the best island range hoods. An island range hood can give you a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. If you want to cook with entertaining in a large open room or area, then you will definitely need an island range hood.

What is the Difference Between Wall Mount VS Island Mount Range Hoods

The wall mounted range hood is attached to the wall support and sucks the kitchen airborne grease, oil, and odor. On the other hand, the island-mounted range hood depends on the full ceiling support. The wall mount range hood has to be attached to the wall. That’s why you can’t install it wherever you want, like the island. For this, it has to be placed in the selected place.

The wall-mounted range hood can vent out through both walls and ceiling, but an island only pushes smoke through the canopy. Whatever the island and wall mount, your necessity, and your cooking area will tell you which is more important for you. The wall mount range hood is never worse than the island similarly island range hood is never worse than the wall mount.

What are The Best Island Range Hood Reviews for 2021

1. Cosmo 668ICS750 30 in. Island Mount Range Hood with 380 CFM Best Rated Island Glass Hood Vent

This glass canopy COS-668ICS750 island range hood has an amazing curved glass visor. And its Italian style gives it a modern aesthetic look. There is also a brushed stainless-steel body and all its modern features. That will make your kitchen a modern kitchen.

Its 380 CFM capacity will efficiently remove smoke and steamy grease, and fumes from your kitchen. Its dishwasher-safe filter will save you money. Again, if you want, you can add separate carbon filters and turn them into a ductless island range hood.

You can see the status of your delicious cooking in the dark with its high-lumen LED lighting, which will give you an extra shiny environment.


  • Tolerant canopy glass design which gave a modern outlook.
  • Only 65-decibel noise level quietest island range hood.
  • Digital control panel with 2W LED lights from every corner.


  • The clock doesn’t keep real-time, it runs fast.
  • Complaints of horrible noise.

This island range hood has gained popularity due to its charming design. Its 380 CFM highly efficient motor, 3 fan speeds, LED light from every front defines it from all other rangehoods. You can buy it freely but there are several user complaints about its sound.

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2. Cosmo 668ICS900 36 in. Ducted Island Range Hood – Best Premium Island Range Hood

After the Cosmo 668ICS750 island range hood reviews, we arrived with a Cosmo 668ICS900 36 inches discussion for you. This Cosmo 668ICS900 comes with a tempered glass visor and stainless-steel reflective body. Which will bring a premium touch to your kitchen decor.

Its 360 cubic feet per minute suction power can effectively capture all kitchen’s oily smoke, odor, and airborne grease and vent in the kitchen. And it’s able to remove them from your kitchen very quickly.  This range hood filtered toxic air from your kitchen.

Its stainless-steel permanent baffle filters are durable and dishwasher-friendly. Which is easily cleanable. However, you will not find a carbon filter kit to make it as ductless as the previous Cosmo 668ICS750 we reviewed.

It is designed for ceilings of any size. You can make the chimneys smaller or larger as per your demand. Each chimney body has like reflective stainless-steel design.


  • 3-speed fan 380 CFM quiet suction airflow power.
  • Curved glass visor modern eye-catching aesthetic design.
  • 4 energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate your cooktop.


  • Produces high sound at high fan speed.
  • Many users have said that it is very difficult to install.

In my view island range hood as this price may be the best choice. Its 380 CFM airflow system is perfect for medium-sized kitchen rooms. Even then, some users have said that its suction work is often slow. Since it is quite difficult to install, you will need someone skilled in these things to install it.

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3. Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood – Best Budget Range Hood

This time we will discuss Winflo island range hood reviews. Considering the features that this range hood provides, I think this is a budget killer range hood. It has a great premium look that looks very sleek. It will bring a modern outlook to your home.

Its 400 CFM suction power with an aluminum mesh filter is completely able to capture all grease and smoke from your kitchen. This filter is dishwasher-safe, which means you don’t have to face any problems cleaning it. With a capacity of 400 cubic feet per minute, it can easily free your kitchen of pesky particles. When it runs at the highest fan speed, it produces 65 decibels of sound, which is common to these types of all-island range hoods.

It has energy-saving bright white LED lights from 4 sides, which will make your cooking surface area more radiant. It has an easily understandable control panel to control the LED lights and 3 fan speeds. Since it is a convertible range hood, its filters can be exchanged for charcoal filters to enjoy recirculating or ductless.


  • Dishwasher-friendly aluminum mesh filters.
  • Convertible to the recirculating range hood.
  • Touches safe energy savings 4 bright soft white lights.
  • Max 65dB noise producer, quietest island range hood.


  • Generates a lot of noise at maximum fan speed.
  • Conventional control system.

In my eyes, it seems to be one of the best budget island range hoods. If you are looking for a range hood with the best features and a great outlook, you can close your eyes and run for it.

However, the manufacturer could add a remote-control system feature that would be more user-friendly.

Now we are talking about the Akdy island range hood reviews. This Akdy range hood comes with a 300 CFM high-power motor that will ensure lively air in the kitchen. So, without any hesitation, it will add value to the kitchen due to its effectiveness, modern features, and ability to remove grease and smoke.

Its stainless-steel body ensures premium quality as well as it has been given a touch control system. It has 3 fan speed settings and four ultra-bright LEDs.

It has mesh filters to absorb toxic fumes and odors from your kitchen and ensure efficient ventilation. These mesh filters are easy to disinfect in the dishwasher.

Many people are worried about the sound of the range hood, even if it is in high-speed settings, it produces less than 65-decibel noise to make sure quiet operation.


  • Dishwasher-friendly efficient mesh filters.
  • Convertible to range hood ductless by using carbon filters.
  • 65dB quiet operation and 4 LEDs.


  • The 8ft ceiling chimney hasn’t the right size. It’s too long.
  • The suction level is not like a pro.

With its convertible feature, the design is certainly able to influence the purchase. Its 300 CFM airflow suction power absolutely can vent all the cooking smell and odors. However, many customers are not satisfied with Akdy’s customer service.

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5. CAVALIERE 36″ Inch Island Mounted Range Hood 860 CFM – Best Powerful Range Hood

This Cavaliere 36-in stainless steel island range hood has occupied the top 5 positions in our eyes. Oops! It looks so beautiful. I just fall in love with it. Its 19-gauge stainless steel construction makes it stand out from other island range hoods for its unique design.

Its 36″ large size easily covers any cooking area. As well as 860 CFM capacity is able to handle heavy-duty by free cooking smells, odors, and potentially toxic elements. This 860 CFM power has given it the reputation of being the most powerful island mount rangehood from its rival island range hood.

This Cavaliere island range hood comes with 4 fan speeds and 4 LED light bulbs from every side. These 4 lights are enough to illuminate your cooking area. There is also a touch-sensitive electronic control panel to control the LEDs and fan speed. Having that allows you to use and control the range hood easily.

The baffle filters of this range hood will take care of all toxic elements. These durable baffle filters are easily cleanable in the dishwasher for the least cost of maintenance.


  • 860 CFM powered ventilation to ensure fresh air.
  • 25 dB to 56 dB noise level to make sure quiet.
  • Brushed outstanding outlook.
  • Dishwasher-safe durable baffle filters.


  • Poor instruction.

If you have already decided to buy this rangehood, I would say you have made the best choice. Although its price is a little bit higher but considering its design and features, the price can be considered. Good luck!

6. 36 Inch Tieasy Island Range Hood 700 CFM Ceiling Mount Hood – Best Efficient Range Hood

This 36″ Tieasy island mount range hood comes with 700 cubic feet per minute suction power. Its 36 “inch size can easily cover your cooking surface from the ceiling.

It has a 430-grade brushed stainless steel design with curved tempered glass that ensures the durability of this range hood. This Tieasy rangehood has 3 fan speeds and 4 super bright lights.

It will generate a max of 65dB noise when it is running at maximum fan speed. This will ensure the quietest air in the kitchen room. The panel is a push-button control system to control this fan’s speed. 

This Tieasy range hood comes with a dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filter that will save you cleaning time. You can convert it from ducted to recirculating by buying carbon filters separately.


  • 700 CFM powerful motor with 3 fan speed settings.
  • 7.5 ‘- 9.5’ adjustable chimney.
  • Convertible from ducted to ductless range hoods.


  • Push-button control panel.
  • Poor instruction.

In terms of exterior look, it has lagged behind all the range hoods reviewed here, but it will be ahead in my eyes for its efficiency and proper ventilation.

7. Winflo 30 In. 520 CFM Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood – Best Looking Range Hood

We came again with another Winflo island range hood review. The Winflo company seems to have been created to create all the premium range hoods. Similarly, this Winflo 30-inch 520 CFM convertible stainless steel glass island range hood vent has a gorgeous outlook with tempered glass. This is like a design killer island range hood.

Its high-power 520 CFM airflow capability will give you the gift of a lively environment by removing toxic and invisible substances from your kitchen. Curved-design aluminum mesh filters are easy to move and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Its 4 bright white LED lights will illuminate your kitchen stove in the dark. You can also use them over against other lights in your kitchen, which will save you an extra utility bill. These four energy savers LED lights and 3 fan speeds are controlled by the sensor control system.

There is nothing to take stress if the ceiling of your house is too high. Because separately adjustable and telescoping chimney extensions for high ceilings are available for buy.


  • Able to convertible to ductless.
  • Dishwasher-safe unique curve design aluminum mesh filters.
  • Decorative touch sensor control panel.


  • Poor customer service.
  • Hard to install.

If you are looking for island mount range hoods with high CFM, then you can decide to purchase this range hood island as it has 520 cubic feet per minute suction power.

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Best Island Range Hoods Buying Guide

When you are purchasing a product, you need to know how much you are actually benefited from that product according to your needs. Before buying you should pay attention to many things. These things are mentioned in the buying guide below,

An Island Range Hood over a Cooktop in the Kitchen Room
Island Range Hood Reviews

What Size Island Range Hood Do I Need

The size of the island mount range hoods you take should be adjusted to the width of your cooking stove. And before you buy, make sure that your kitchen cooktop celling has the required space of that size.

If your range hood size is wider than your cooktop it can properly cover your cooktop and gives you the finest coverage result. For this, choose a range hood that is 3 inches wider than the cooktop. The standard island mount range hood size is 36-inch width and 16-inch height with 29.5″ depth and its duct size also should be 10″. 

Another simple measurement is to determine the size equal to 10% of your total rent area. Be careful about size because the wrong dimensions of the range hood may affect the comfortable movement of air in the kitchen.

How Many CFM Do I Need for an Island Range Hood

CFM means Cubic Feet Per Minute. CFM refers to the amount of air that an island range hood can remove from the kitchen. The powerful machine of high CFM can make the kitchen smoke and odorless at high speed.

There are three things to keep in mind when diagnosing CFM. For example, the size of the cooking area, the number of stoves, and the amount of heat produced by stoves. If your range hood is an island range hood you will use 150 CFM/linear foot. So, if you have a 40″ wide cooktop, then the mandatory CFM for you is, (40 / 12) * 150 = 500 CFM.

The above equation is a minimum statement for you. So, you will try to buy a higher quality CFM island range hood from the results obtained in this calculation. One thing to keep in mind, the more CFM gives you the much better air.

Which Range Hood Filter is Best

All types of range hoods have filters whether ducted or ductless. Since recirculating range hoods cannot ventilate, they use carbon filters to absorb toxic stuff from the air. Since you don’t have to vent a range hood outside when you buy a range hood that uses carbon filters, those who have difficulty venting the hood range outside can buy a range hood with carbon filters or an under cabinet range hood. But carbon filters cannot be reused because they are not washable.

On the other hand, the range hood which has a baffle filter and aluminum mesh filter should do ductwork outside. The most popular filter is the aluminum mesh filter. These types of filters are usually dishwasher-friendly so they can be reused. So, in my opinion, if you have the opportunity to vent a hood outside then a baffle filter and aluminum mesh filter is the best filter for a range hood. Because even if you buy a range hood of this type of filter, you can recirculate your range hood by adding a separate carbon filter as your wish.

How Loud should a Range Hood be

Rangehoods vary in sound level according to their type. The rate of sound also depends on the level of fan speed being used. Because your noise level increases or decreases depending on how powerful CFM is with the island range hood you are using.

If you want to enjoy more CFM then you have to endure high loud. And if you want less noise, then you have to buy a range hood with less CFM. The noise level also depends on the size of the range hoods you have purchased and where you have installed the range hood.

Nowadays, manufacturers of island mount range hoods in the market set their noise levels in decibels. Regarding noise, I would advise you to buy an island mount range hood within a maximum of 70 decibels.

What type of Duct is Best for Venting an Island Range Hood

Ducted range hoods use a vent pipe to emit smoke through walls or ceilings. And this is the best way to get rid of smoke and odor. The baffle filter and mesh filter are usually used to emit smoke. But many times, if there is no opportunity to make holes in the walls or ceiling. Then if you add a separate carbon filter, the kitchen will absorb the steam grease, oil, and smoke. That’s why you don’t have to do range hood vent ductwork outside anymore.

Nowadays, almost all range hoods have this facility. It is better to have the facility to add carbon filters. Then you have to vent out through the vent pipe.

Control System

The control panel of the range hood means two types of the control system are noticeable. One is the traditional push-button and the other is a modern LCD touch panel.

As the push system is with buttons, enough effort has to be applied to use this system. However, this system is easily understandable. Anyone can use this system. Since it is a control system, it should be easy to use.

On the other hand, the LCD touch control panel can be used at the touch of a finger. The range hoods that have touch control panels are convenient to use and interesting to look at. This system is also easier to clean. Along with these, the remote-control system is also seen.  


The demand for island range hood is growing exponentially due to its aesthetic design. Since many people place it at the central point of the house, it must have a mind-blowing design. Metal means durable. It is best if the island range hood has stainless steel material design. And if there is a design of a glass vent hood, it must be heated tolerable glass.


There are various types of lights like LED, halogen, etc. When buying an island range hood, keep in mind exactly how many lights you are getting and what kind of lights you are getting with your purchased range hood. If you want to cook in a charming environment, then you have to run for LED lights. LED lights illuminate the cooking area perfectly and create a wonderful atmosphere in your kitchen. Energy-saving LED lights provide comparatively bright and luminous light and save them from early damage.

Whose things I have mentioned above in island range hood reviews, they all aren’t something like that you must be considered. However, if you consider the above buying guide before buying a range hood, then I hope you will get the best island range hood. We often get cheated by buying the wrong product just for lack of proper direction. Therefore, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of any product before purchasing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Best Island Range Hood Reviews

Q: Why buy an island range hood?

A: If your stove area is in an open space and is designed like an island benchtop, then you must purchase an island range hood.

Q: What is a convertible island hood?

A: Convertible means it can be converted from ducted to ductless. The island that can be ducted to ductless or converted to recirculating is called the convertible island range hood.

Q: Does an island range need a hood?

A: Obviously, an island range hood needs a hood. You must have a vent hood if you want to let smoke, oil, and odor out through walls or ceilings. Because without it, you can’t think of removing smoke and odors outside.

Q: How much does it cost to install an island range hood?

A: The cost of installing an island range hood varies from place to place. Installation costs are charged depending on the skill and experience of the mechanic.

My #1 Top Choice: Cosmo 668ICS900 36 in. Ducted Island Range Hood

If anyone wants to know about these 7 best island range hood reviews here, is the best top pic from my concern considering all things. Then I would say the name Cosmo 668ICS900 36-inch island range hood. Here’s why,

#1. Premium Design

Its reflective stainless-steel design has enhanced the beauty of the curved tempered glass visor manifold. Which will bring modern aesthetic decoration to your kitchen. This island rangehood brings a touch of premium fill o your kitchen decor. It has a sleek pretty outlook.

#2. Touch Control Panel

This island range hood is full of modern features. So, it is free of traditional push-buttons and it has soft-touch controls.

#3. LEDs

LED light can perfectly illuminate any cooking area. I can’t think of any other lights in the rangehood except LED. This Cosmo 668ICS900 also comes with an energy saver 2W LED light.

Final Words

We have brought to you these 7 best island range hood reviews through many reviews and in-depth research from the numerous island range hoods running in the market. Before placing any one product here, we thought a hundred times about whether this product will really benefit our readers or not.

Our hard work comes to success when someone reads our reviews and influences their purchasing decision. Hopefully, you have already found which island range hood is best for you.

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