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What Is An Insert Range Hood – Range Hood Insert VS Wall Mount (Complete Guide)

Another type of kitchen hood is a range hood insert, which helps remove odors, smoke, and grease from cooking surfaces. Insert range hoods are typically installed under cabinets and custom-made range hoods are installed above cooktops or ranges. Range hood inserts can also do a similar function like wall mount, under cabinet, and island mount range hood.

This is just another type or style of the range hood. It also has blowers, speed options, lighting, and filters like traditional or typical kitchen range hoods. They are usually 28” to 58” wide. An insert range hood is specifically designed to be installed within a custom cabinet or wooden hood, which makes it unique from other kinds of range hoods.

Nowadays, an insert range hood become a popular choice for homemakers because an insert range hood allows a more open and uncluttered kitchen design. Those who prefer a more aesthetic and integrated appearance for their kitchen ventilation system grab it.

You have already understood here we will give a complete idea of what is an insert range hood and below we will present an instruction guide on how to install a range hood insert.

Ducted Insert Range Hood or Ductless Range Hood Insert – What Are Range Hood Inserts?

The insert range hood can also be utilized in two ways in terms of its functionality, like many other range hoods.

Ducted Range Hood Insert

One and most important system is the ducted range hood insert. A ducted range hood insert sucks the cooking pollutants and odors from the kitchen air and through them outdoors with a proper ventilation system. For this type of function, it’s essential to have a proper ductwork system installed from before. The main purpose of this ductwork is to connect the insert to the outside of your kitchen so that you can exhaust gathered pollutants to the outside of your home.

This type of ducted insert range hood is considered as most effective in keeping good indoor air quality by withdrawing smoke, steam, grease, and other airborne particles produced by heavy cooking activities. It does not need to come with a higher CFM rating like a ductless range hood insert.

Non-Duct Range Hood Insert Ductless – Recirculating Range Hood Insert

A range hood insert also can be operated as a recirculating way or a non duct range hood insert. Which we call ductless range hood. A ductless range hood insert can serve the same operation as a ducted range hood. Non duct range hood insert also pulls airborne particles, smoke, and odors generated during cooking. But it doesn’t need any external ductwork system. Ductless range hood insert have to come with powerful CFM compared to ducted. Between 600 and 1200 CFM are available with insert range hoods. For home use 600 to 1000 CFM is enough to meet daily needs.

Non vented range hood insert first takes the polluted cooking air then it uses a combination of filters to clean the air. With the intervention of a filter, clean air is sent back to the kitchen. Homeowners who don’t have much chance of ductwork installation in their house are the ones who adopt recirculating range hood insert. Ductless range hood insert has become a more popular medium nowadays as there is no hassle of range hood venting and ductwork installation and maintenance.

What Size Range Hood Insert Do I Need? – Range Hood Insert Sizes

What size range hood insert do you need it totally depends on your range size and your cooking demand. Insert range hood size slightly different from other varieties of range hoods available on the market. Inserts are sized two inches smaller than typical range hoods as follows: 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, and 58” widths. Usually, the size of the range hood is relatively 6″ large compared to the ranges. But in terms of insert, the range hood is 4″ large. So, at first

  1. Measure your range’s width and determine the size of it.
  2. Add 4 inches (for indoor vent) with the size of ranges to that measurement and insert range hood.
  3. Add 2 more with insert size then you can find the ultimate custom-built size.

If we clear with an example, suppose your range is 36 inches wide, then the size of your insert will be 36+4 inches = 40 inches (this is your range hood insert size). Then add 2 means 40 +2 inches = 42 inches (is your range hood insert custom hood size).

That means we can see that the ultimate range hood insert size is 40 inches for 36 inch cooktop. But with a custom hood, the original size is 42 inch that means six inches large for the indoor kitchen and 12 inches large for the outdoor kitchen vent. Also, you can run a 46″ insert range hood with a 36″ cooktop there is no problem with that even that will give you optimal coverage at the lower speed.

If you purchase a large insert range hood compared with your ranges, you can simply run it on lower speeds to match your heavy cooking needs. If, on the other hand, you purchase a machine that is smaller than your range, you may find yourself wanting more power to vent grease and smoke outside your home if you purchase one that is smaller.

For better understanding use our range hood insert sizes chart for your range hood insert choice,

what size range hood insert do i need
what size range hood insert do i need

How Many CFM Do I Need for Insert Range Hood

As we already know to insert range hood CFM (cubic feet per minute) range is 600 CFM to 1200 CFM. Yet, the 600 to 800 CFM insert range hood is suitable for use by homemakers.

How many CFM range hood inserts you need will depend on your cooking activities, type, and time. How much you cook per day is a matter of concern as well as the total burners of your cooktop and how many BTUs it is.

But our recommendation is 600 to 900 CFM for home use and 1000 to 1200 above CFM insert range hood for outdoor kitchen and commercial kitchen. A simple calculation of CFM is mentioned below in this discussion.

It is not only necessary to select the range hood insert by looking at the CFM, but also you have to pay attention to the range hood insert blower type. You have to select a blower range hood that has variable fan speed so that you can control the power level at lower and higher levels.

What Is An Insert Range Hood Measure Size – How Do You Measure for a Range Hood Insert?

How do you measure for a range hood insert

The most common depths for range hood inserts are accordingly 15″, 18″, and 21″. The depths for range hood insert depend on the range hood.  Although these vary from model to model.

Before picking a range hood insert you should consider your cooktop size, kitchen layout, and your ventilation requirements.

  • Take a measurement of the range’s width.
  • Add a minimum of 6″ for indoor kitchen room and 12″ for outdoor ranges to the width measurement.
  • Measure the dimensions (WxDxH) of the range hood insert including length, width, and depth (height).
  • Use a pencil to mark the dimensions (length and width) of your range hood custom hood or cabinet to cut a hole for the insert.

Range Hood Insert Installation – How To Install a Range Hood Insert

When you want to install a range hood insert you have to pass many steps to get proper ventilation and integration with your kitchen custom-built hood. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you how to install a range hood insert. To install a range hood insert, follow these processes:

As you know the initial materials needs to range hood insert installation are: Adaptor or transition piece (if included), Ductwork material, Duct tape (if it is ducted range hood insert), Screws and fasteners, Screwdriver to tight the screws, Drill, Level, Measuring tape, Safety goggles.

As an installation requirement, you have to select a decision on how your insert range hood is operated. Is it built-in within a kitchen cabinet or you will build a custom hood to make the kitchen interior look amazing? Consider our above discussion when building the custom-made hood size.

how to install a range hood insert

After completing it you can jump to installation. But always we told our readers that if you’re not confident in DIY skills, seek a local HVAC company’s assistance.

Installation steps to install a range hood insert:

Step 1: Turn off the power to the area:

To prepare the installation area at first you have to turn off the power to the area where you’ll be working as safety comes first. Remove any existing elements like range hood or cabinet and any obstruct.

Step 2: Assemble Adaptor (If included):

Each range hood is operated differently. If your range hood insert comes with an adaptor or transition piece first assemble it and attach it to the back of the insert. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions manual and local building codes.

Step 3: Attach the Insert within the custom hood or cabinet:

You may slide your preferred range hood insert into the cabinet or you may prefer a custom-made enclosure. To avoid any untoward incident, make sure that your inserted insert is properly placed in the center of the custom hood and properly secured at its four corners by the necessary screw placement.

Step 4: Attach and install ductwork:

Attach and install ductwork

If your insert is a ducted range hood insert then you must install ductwork for range hood ventilation. For that, the appropriate ductwork must be attached to the back of the insert with the adapter or transition piece while connecting to the range hood cabinet according to the previous steps. We have a full discussion on how to install the range hood ductwork as well as what duct tape to use for sealant to prevent air leaks.

Step 5: Wiring electrical connection:

Connect your insert range hood to the electrical connection for accurate operation of lighting or other electrical functions. Here must obey the local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the wiring. If you’re not comfortable with electrical work, find a contractor and hire a professional electrician.

Step 6: Run an Installation Test drive:

After electrical wiring turn on the power of the range hood and check that all fans and lights are doing well and the range hood working properly.

Step 7: Recheck the whole process:

Recheck range hood insert installation process

Test its functions once more to confirm that everything is working fine and recheck the whole range hood and it’s all ties to ensure they are fitted and secured. Then enjoy the peace of an insert range hood.

How Do I Choose a Range Hood Insert – How to Select a Range Hood Insert

The type of insert hood you choose for your home depends on many factors and it involves considering various factors, including:

1. Determine and identify the range hood insert size you need with the help of our above discussion.

2. Is there any available space for ductwork installation or you are going for a ductless range hood insert? Determine it ASAP.

3. Calculate the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) you need for your kitchen based on your cooktop burners and cooking habits.

To determine the amount of CFM needed to range hood insert:

Calculate by total BTU ÷ 100 = CFM needed. Example: you have 6 Burners cooktop = 72,000 BTU’s So, you need 72,000 ÷ 100 = 720 CFM.

4. After determining three above basic things then come to the budget, make sure how much!

5. Based on your budget level you can identify and make up your mind about what will it look like, which means design, style, and appearance.

6. Then you can check or tie up noise level, fan speeds, lighting, and control type at the last brand choice.

We select one best insert range hood based on the power, fan speeds, modern features like auto shut off, and a 3-way control system to make our reader’s insert range hood choice easier. This is the IKB01 Iktch Range Hood Insert 900 CFM from IKTCH, you can buy it from Amazon. If not, also we have a special 5% OFF (KITBOX5 Coupon) for our readers from the direct manufacturer IKTCH Company Buy here.

Also, you can check our Best 36 inch range hood insert review for better decisions!

How do I choose a range hood insert
How do I choose a range hood insert

Can Cabinets Be Installed Above Range Hood Insert

Yes, of course, a cabinet can be installed above range hood insert. An insert range hood can be vented or installed in many ways. You can install it in wall mount style and also can under a cabinet. However, no matter how it is installed, the insert range hood does not have a stainless steel body or chimney-like other kitchen hoods. For it has to be installed in the kitchen cabinet or through a custom built-in hood.

Cabinets installed above range hood insert with at least 2″ clearance on each side. These requirements indicate the minimum distance between the bottom of the cabinets and the top of the range hood insert. This clearance ensures adequate airflow from the insert range hood.

You should consider heat-resistant cabinet materials when you are installing a cabinet above a range hood.

Range Hood Insert VS Wall Mount – What is the Difference Between Range Hood Insert VS Wall Mount

An insert range hood and a wall mount range hood both work for similar needs. They eliminate unwanted cooking surface smoke, steam, and grease from the interiors of the home. Although they are similar in their function, they are slightly different in some cases.

range hood insert vs wall mount
Range Hood Insert VS Wall Mount


The significant difference in range hood insert vs wall mount difference in their outlook. The outlook of both types of the range hood is totally different from one another. The wall mount range hood hangs from the wall above the cooking surface. And the insert range hood operates from a built-in position in the kitchen cabinetry or custom-made hood.


Customization and custom hood as the two words seem to have the same style, so customization means insert range hood. Because range hood insert means custom cabinet or hood. Homeowners who want to decorate the kitchen with their own style have more preference for an insert/built-in range hood. Although depending on the decoration, the variety of wall mount designs available in the current range hood industry.


There is quite a difference according to the size of the two range hoods. In general, wall mount range hoods are available in 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″ or 60″ sizes, just like other types of range hoods. But the size of the insert range hood is two inches different from the typical range hood. Range hood insert sizes are 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, to 58” respectively.


Compared to the kitchen hoods in the current market, wall mount range hoods are more powerful than insert range hoods. Built-in/insert range hoods typically have capacities between 600 and 1200 CFM. Where wall mount range hoods are available in the market for 1200+ CFM (cubic feet per minute). Both types of range hood perform well in terms of efficiency, but wall mount range hood provides more efficient and effective operation.

Ventilation Type – Ducted / Ductless

Wall mount vs insert range hood two types of kitchen hood can be operated with duct and without duct. You can choose between insert and wall mount range hoods, and they can be either ducted or ductless or recirculating. Both of them offers effective ventilation system by capturing and expelling cooking byproducts outside through ductwork.


Almost all types of kitchen range hood installation are similar or follow the same process. Although there is not much noticeable difference between range hood insert vs wall mount installation major difference is between wall mount range hood install through wall mounted and insert range hood install under cabinet or under custom built in hood. Besides, both duct or ductless types of range hood insert and wall mount range hood installation are completed.

Inserts might require more customization during installation due to cabinetry work, while wall-mount hoods are typically easier to install. How to install a range hood insert has already been discussed above and you can follow our in-depth guide instructions on wall mount range hood installation.


The price of a range hood depends on your needs and preferences. But the price of built in or insert range hood and wall mount range hood price is different. Because insert kitchen hood based on their customization and integrated design can be more expensive compared to wall mounted. But on the other hand, the wall mount range hood offers different options and a variety option for different budgets.

Wall Mount VS Range Hood Insert – Which is the Best Choice

In fact, in our view, each range hood has its own unique features. But you may not be satisfied. So, our recommendation is to review our range hood insert vs wall mount discussion above and decide based on your kitchen layout, personal preferences, and functional needs, not only which is best, but which is best for you.

You will come to a better decision based on your own preference and knowledge but in our opinion, this is the best insert range hood.

Insert Range Hood VS Under Cabinet – The Major Difference between Insert Range Hood VS Under Cabinet

The two range hoods are similar in one way, the two range hoods can be placed in the kitchen cabinet. However, an under cabinet range hood has the full capacity of the ventilation system which is absent in the insert range hood.

An insert range hood is a ventilation hood that integrates within custom cabinetry. But it has no full-service ventilation capacity. To get it working you need to build the custom hood or cabinet and then place it inside. But an under cabinet range hood comes with full ventilation capabilities. Anyone can use it in hanging mode at no additional cost.

There is more complexity involved in installing an insert range hood than installing a standard range hood, as it entails more careful planning and timing, along with additional expenses. In contrast, an under cabinet range hood is particularly suitable for kitchens with limited wall space, providing effective ventilation without sacrificing design aesthetics. But don’t be concerned insert range hood vs under cabinet both have efficient ventilation capabilities to remove toxic cooking elements.

Whether you opt for the customizable insert range hood or the visible versatility of an under-cabinet hood, both options contribute to creating a well-ventilated. Your personal preferences, requirements, kitchen condition, customization you seek, a budget combination of all the things can identify between insert range hood vs under cabinet which one is best suitable for you.

Wrapping Up

Our team gives their best effort for uncovering what is an insert range hood, its features, discussing about benefits, and how it plays a vital role in both ventilation and kitchen design.

We hope that the information we have discussed here about the size, measure, installation, ventilation, and power of the insert range hood will play an important role in your choice of an insert range hood.

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