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How to Install a Wall Mount Range Hood Complete Installation Guideline

Everyone wants to work comfortably in his kitchen with a cold head. In this case, a range hood is the most useful device. You can quickly learn how to install a wall mount range hood in this article.

To keep your kitchen more beautiful and cleaner, spending money on a range hood would be a commendable effort. If you have purchased a wall mount range hood to get rid of indoor air, airborne greases, fumes, smell, and smoke, then you need to know how to install a wall mount range hood through the wall. If you follow all the instructions from here. Therefore, you do not need to call an electrical expert or hire a professional for the installation range hoods.

By following, you will be able to do your work with your hand. At the same time, you can also save some money. So, let’s discuss,

What Tools Do You Need to complete How To  Install a Wall Mount Range Hood
Tools you need to complete how to install a wall mount range hood.

What Tools You Need to Complete Install a Wall Mount Range Hood

● Power Screwdriver with the extension (Which will help you tighten the inner screws)
● Power Drill 
● Tape Measure
● Level Ruler
● Stainless Steel Tape
● Pencil/Marker
● Mounting Screws (Which will be provided by the manufacture)

Step 1 – Pick the Bracket and Mark it on the Installation Wall

In the beginning, mark with a pencil on your kitchen wall the area where you prefer the bottom of the range hood to be installed, exactly where you previously installed your cooktop. Next, hold that bracket where the kitchen hood will hang with two open flaps, three screws, and three wall anchors. The final step is to place the bracket on the wall, mark the holes for the wall anchors and screws according to the size, and proceed to assemble the bracket.

After that, use a power drill to drill the holes you marked earlier. Then place the wall anchors inside the holes with the help of a mallet. After that, mount the bracket at the pre-defined point on the wall and secure it with screws.

Step 2 – Hang the Wall Mounted Range Hood and Connect it with the Bracket

Ensure that you remove all protective plastic and tape from your wall mount range hood. You will be able to see a new range hood once you remove these. Then, place the black flappers inside the exhaust port of the range hood, which will use to exhaust the smoke.

With the aid of another person, carefully hang the rangehood onto the bracket. You previously attached the bracket to the wall with screws. Once you have done this, use a level ruler to ensure that the hood body is level.

Step 3 – Identify the Center Point and Install the Range Hood Ductwork

By measuring the bracket’s size with a tape measure and marking the space between the measurements, determine the size of the distance between the measurements. Then, use a level ruler to draw a long vertical line from the middle to the top.

Next, attach the aluminum vent pipe or ductwork to the place where the flappers were installed earlier. Wrap the stuck part to this ductwork tube with stainless steel tape so that there is no gap. Don’t forget to make sure the joints are solid and tight. By using aluminum ductwork or vent pipe, you will be able to exhaust the smoke from your kitchen and keep it smoke-free. Furthermore, the kitchen air you breathe should be free of smoke, oils, and grease. Follow our range hood duct installation guide to easy ta task here.

Step 4 – Install a Ceiling Chimney Bracket and Set the Chimney with it

Take another bracket and attach the ends on both sides of the chimney with screws. It is the range hood external vent, which is a chimney. First, measuring with a tape measure, measure the distance between the bottom of the chimney and the bracket hole. Second, measure between the range hood’s current location and the actual location where it is. This measurement takes this equal measure and draws a long horizontal line ascending through a level ruler. Next, placing the other bracket on top of the ceiling, mark the holes with a pencil. Lastly, use a power drill to drill the marked areas.

After that, place the wall anchors inside the hole with the help of a mallet. The bracket should be placed in the same spot and screwed to the wall using the same two screws as in the first step. Next, place the chimney at the top of the rangehood slide and attach it to the upper ceiling bracket. You should tighten a bracket with screws to hold the chimney firmly in that place.

Step 5 – Turn On the Range Hood Switch and Enjoy

You have already installed the wall-mounted range hood. So now, clip on the oil tray, install the carbon filter and insert the mesh filter on your wall-mounted range hood. After that, locate the range hood’s three plug cable and connect it to the outlet. Start using your range hood now and enjoy a clean, smokeless kitchen.

Wrap Up

I think you have already learned how to install a wall mount range hood. Hopefully, you will be able to install a range hood by working according to all the methods and steps above. Make sure you don’t miss any vital installation process. For sure, also take a look at the user manual provided by the manufacturer. Go ahead!

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